Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Review and Giveaway: Eco Nuts (Great for Laundry and All-Purpose Cleaning)

About EcoNuts

Did you know that everday cleaning products grow and originate from trees?  I was in unbelief at first and then fascinated as I learned more and more about Eco Nuts Soap and their products!  This is what it looks like!  This nut or soap berry is harvested from the Soap Berry Tree.  Contained inside its outer protective shell is a natural occuring soap, called saponin.  Ever thought about how grimy dirt and oils get washed away when you wash your hands?  Well, when you get these nuts in water and agitate it a bit with a shake you will notice some bubbles forming.  This saponin produces an environment in which the grime and oils are able to mix so much better with the water and not to the clothes.  The soap produced by the EcoNut (soap berry) traps the dirt, and when you rinse the clothes--all the dirt and grime go out with the water.  Just a little bit of saponification for you!

Natural Gentle vs. Chemical Harmful
Unlike regular detergents and cleaning products, these naturally occuring soap agents do not contain any harmful chemicals.  Most manufactured soaps usually contain substances derived from petrochemicals--petro for petroleum.  Continual exposure to petroleum has been known to have some harmful hazardous and even cancerous effects on humans.  I think I am going to stick to something a bit more natural in my detergents.

Eco Nuts is Paraben-free!  My research on what a paraben is and why I think this is a great quality:  This is important for those who have paraben allergies and maybe even some sensitive skin issues like our family.  Parabens have been very controversial in many research and test studies.  What we do know though is that the higher the exposure one has to it, the more negative effects it has biologically.  Parabens is included in a lot of our every day items today, because of its antimicrobial properties as well as its usage in perservatives (wikipedia).  There have been some research concerning a rat experiment (not conducted or connected to EcoNuts--but a Japanese company, researching Parabens).  The rats were all exposed to different levels of this chemical, and it effected the rats estrogen levels-and sperm production.  Those most exposed to it had low levels of sperm.  

Eco Nuts are very versatile.  They have so many uses, and not just in laundry.  They can be used for cleaning windows, table tops, countertops, and pets!  Yes, safe for your pets!  Also you can use this as a natural and organic alternative as a bug repellant!  Bugs stay away from soap berries, so if you use them on your plans--hehe you have a really safe and non-hazardous pesticide.   If you purchase a box of these soap nuts, you can make your own "All-Natural, All- Purpose Home brewed Cleaner"

Multisurface Cleaner
Clean-All Powder
Glass Cleaner
Eco Nuts 50/90 Load

The Eco Nuts Company and Personnel.  I can tell that this company is very true to who they are.  They are deeply committed to walking gently on the earth by being responsible in all that they do.  They have done their research for how to package and distribute their products.  You will see that they waste nothing--their Eco Nuts are packaged in a small 100% Compostable box and the nuts are biodegradable!  Their liquid products are contained in recyclable aluminum.  The cap for their liquid Eco Nuts is their measurement for a load of laundry.  They also had us in mind when they were deciding how to carry their products--they turned down a couple of eco friendly packaging options for their Eco Nuts liquid detergent. Seventh Generation is using one of their packaging options that Eco Nuts turned down for several reasons.  I find them very personable, as I have been working with them all throughout this review I am doing for them!  Thank you so much for all your support and for your commitment to us treading softly upon the earth.

My Review:
 I was very wary of how these nuts looked.  I looked at the laundry built up in the hall way and the cloth diapers happily awaiting us from the sink.  These little guys vs all that?  Well, we shall see!  Not to mention a pet incident that threw me off a bit!  Well, I slipped these nuts into the bag and started doing my laundry.  I did so many more loads than what the box indicated.  There were still some soap bubbles coming out from the nuts, so I was able to use it a couple of more times!  I loved the fact that Eco Nuts was something I could use for both my cloth diapers and baby clothes, as well as for me and my husband.   

The biggest test that made me really know that this is a product I will be coming back to and have in my laundry closet is the Cat Pee Factor!  When our little kitten-cat used our towels and our clothes instead of the litter box, I determined to put Eco Nuts to the test.  Cat pee is pugnant, and nasty, and I hate it.  I find it hard to get the stench out!  You know what happened?  Exactly what Eco Nuts should do--get rid of any odors!  It saponified the smell right out and left our clothes clean, fresh, soft, and ever more so free of kitty pee. 
The second test was diapers.  In washing them with Eco Nuts, I am happy to tell you that my cloth diapers have come out really clean, odor free, and very much still absorbent.  I found that Eco Nuts Liquid soap did its job quite well too!  I was so glad to know that Eco Nuts would keep the integrity of my cloth diapers.

My husband's work clothes also did not stand a chance.  He is a landscaper, and I have to admit sometimes they do not come out clean when I do his wash--but with Eco Nuts and just following directions for tougher laundry predicaments--Eco Nuts nuts and Liquid soap has proven itself once again.

Overall?  I stand by Eco Nuts, and it will have a place in our laundry shelf.  I had fun using the bag of nuts in my wash, and the liquid form of Eco Nuts was so nice!  I think it will be my every debate which one to use for my laundry--liquid or bag of nuts!  

Buy it: Shop for your bag of Eco Nuts on their Website:  Eco Nuts Soap

The price is very comparable to what you buy in stores--think of how much regular detergent goes for and how many loads.  For Eco Nuts soap you are getting quality organic and natural soap, that has many benefits for you.  

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