Monday, March 21, 2011

Just a Heads Up! :)

Alright, So at midnight, I was burning the midnight oil for you all--reading all the responses, and was wanting to answer some questions!

#1---Yes I have drawn winners to the contests!  I am just awaiting for their responses back to me as I have sent them emails!

#2---EcoNuts:  In response to whether or not they get rid of the bad smelling diapers?  YES ABSOLUTELY.
I have had trouble with urine smells as soon as my prefolds or diapers got wet.  They were bad, so I was really really thankful to find my solution with EcoNuts.  I am going to stick with EcoNuts for my cloth diapering needs!  They really honestly get the stink out, and not just cover it--it gets rid of it.  
Also I am writing up 2 Reviews and Giveaways right now, so I will have them posted by Tuesday the latest and earliest sometime today!  Thanks so much for your patience, and I really really enjoyed reading all your comments!