Friday, April 19, 2013


Beauty in the Growing Pains
Some days, I just want to wrap myself round about with the music of worship and the truth of God's word. Closing my eyes, just absorbing the sounds and opening my mouth to bring out praises to Him. Every part of my self just exuding "God you love!" My eyes close to the world blocking them out. My mind just saying no to how weird a moment this may seem to others, but oh so lovely to me giving thanks to the King.

Other times it's just being awed by the mere reading of His Word and truth that I just can't contain it--kinda feeling? Have you ever felt that?? Just like you've read something that makes you feel so uncontrollably happy and joyous?? or so powerful that your fingers tremble. oryou are overwhelmed by emotions of awe because of God that sometimes you sob because of how tremendous He is to you...

Sometimes it might just be a quietness. so tender. the quiet peace and joy that He sees you and knows you. His thoughts for you are amazing, unnumber-able.

I get taken back at different days where when I delve into his word and meet with Him or see something that exhibits His Love and Hand on something--I just want to thank Him and live in this worship moment and not to forget that we can always live worship--not just in worship music, but continually?

I wrote this two years ago...some times I feel so different from who I was.  I feel more troubled within and more tainted by this world and my own sins and faults.  God, change me to be that person whom you love again!  Forgive me for my shortcomings, and my temper tantrums.  Forgive me for losing sight of simply being your child...a child of the King of Love.  Mold me again, God...Yahweh.

Be still and know that I am God...