Monday, April 15, 2013

Carmex: Hydrating Lotion and Healing Cream Review

What's new with Carmex?  

  • Increased levels of Lanolin!  
    • Our Healing Cream mimics your skin's natural lipid layer to maximize healing, while petrolatum and allantoin soften rough skin and aid in moisturization.
    • Hydrating Lotion is loaded with vitamin E and ultra-concentrated aloe vera to soothe skin and deliver serious hydration, without any greasiness.

Why I like Carmex Everyday Hydrating Lotion:
  • Works great:  I like the feeling of hydration and "moisture" because when I need extreme help with my dry elbows, a pea size drop will do the trick.  It is easy to rub in, and again does not leave a greasy feeling. The scent is also so addicting and soothing in itself!  Not so powerful or too much, it has a nice light almost powdery scent.  
  • Smooth hands and skin:  The Hydrating Lotion makes my hands feel great.  I often slip this lotion into my purse and have it ready in the car.  As a drive I hate it when my hands feel dry and Carmex is my solution!  For one thing this lotion does not take too long to get absorbed into my hands and skin.  Gripping the wheel is not a worry after I lube up some lotion at a stop sign or in the parking lot.  
  • Absorbs Quickly into the skin. 
    Why I like Carmex Everyday Healing Lotion:
    • Works great:  I love using this on my elbows and especially my legs and feet.  They seem to be the most "weathered and beaten" part of my body.  And of all parts the driest!  This concentrated formula contains 9 healing ingredients that penetrate and help repair very dry or rough skin.  This definitly has helped my feet to feel so much more comfortable during the changing seasons and weather temperature changes.   The uncomfortable feeling of dryness is easily solved by lathering a tiny amount of Healing Lotion to my legs and feet.  They feel comfortable and moisturized again!  
    • Smooth skin on legs and feet:  In terms of smoothness, I do have to say that my feet and legs feel smoother and softer after using the Healing lotion daily.  
    • Absorbs Quickly into the skin. 
    Texture and Feel of Carmex Hydrating and Healing Lotion:  
    The Thickened Creaminess of the product is oh so nice.  I do not have to work hard at having the lotion in all its creaminess to disappear into my skin.  The texture is easily spread around and has almost a silky texture to it which I love.  The Hydrating Lotion leaves my skin soft and soothes my dryness.  I like it very much.  I think overall both are consistently thick, smooth, and creamy.  Not runny at all.

    I'm a Carmex Blogger and I love being one!  I hope to tell others about Carmex products as I go about my day to day life--especially when I wear their comfy sweater.

    Disclosure: I was sent free products to review and to provide  my honest opinion.  I was not compensated in any other way.