Friday, April 26, 2013

Melissa and Doug Jumbo Knob Puzzle!

We made an order off the internet, and I do not regret my purchase!  My toddler absolutely loves this Farm Jumbo Knob Puzzle!  I am usually not too keen of purchasing online just because I can't handle them or get a feel for how big they are and how they will hold up.  But Melissa & Doug is really known for high quality toys and I was not disappointed at all.  This puzzle we bought was big and definitely suited what I had imagined.  My toddler is rather rambunctious and quite hard on her toys and this one passes her test.  She plays hard.  The puzzle has stayed in tact!

I bought these on sale, and I would recommend waiting for a sale or getting a coupon just because for a family on a budget they are a bit pricey.  But this Melissa & Doug puzzles are worth saving up for.  I would not want to settle when it comes to toys for my daughter, though I'm on a budget, I would not hesitate saving up to purchase another one.  

I have to say I am quite impressed with these knobbed puzzles.  The puzzle pieces are thick, chunky and wooden.  It makes for easy grasping and playing for little hands.  I love not having to worry about losing pieces because they are so big it is easy to find.  They are not a chocking hazard for my two year old.

Knobs on the puzzle pieces are perfect for little hands to easily fit the pieces on the board.  She absolutely loves how easy to hold while figuring out where they go.  It is a good challenge for her mind, but at the same time appropriate for her age.

To make learning easier, there is a picture of the "what goes where" when the puzzle pieces are not in place.  I think that is a very useful for developing some visual association skills.

I think this puzzle is ideal for kids.  Not only is it fun it is a great educational toy.  After a few days she has already learned which animal goes where.  After a few months of playing, she has figured it out, knows all the animal names and what sound they make!  I LOVE how far she has progressed.  She also loves making the animal sounds and naming off the animal!


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