Friday, April 19, 2013

Frugality as a College Student---Textbook Rentals

As a former college student at Olympic College and UW, I can testify of the appalling ridiculous prices of textbooks.   I was blessed with a family who helped me get through college, but I know money was tight and tough because on top of tuition--books, food, room and board.  The cost of college is pretty steep.  So I have a few great tips to help the student who does not want to pay steep prices for textbooks.
College Libraries.
So what I did was hit the library.  I was lucky enough to rent out a book that was either a later version of the "updated" and even struck gold a couple of times with the latest edition to rent out!  That was  how I was able to save money and not have to fork out $100 for a new/used book.  This option can be harder though, and I am sure that someone in my class hated me for renting out one of the precious few textbooks in the library.  
I have recommended this to my sister, but all in all her college library has one or two copies of the textbook that can only be borrowed for a mere couple of ours.  So not a very reliable method to save, but when you can, do!
Buying Used/Preowned Textbooks.
Friends are awesome.  I can say if you can find someone who is taking a class that you will take next quarter.  It does not hurt to buddy up to them and make a friendship relationship!  Or a mere acquaintance.  Offer them after some coffee and cookies to buy the book after they're done.  Swap emails, numbers, and a handshake.  College fellowship can be divine.
There are alot of students there who hate to return their books to the college on the look out for signs and fliers posted up on the various pin boards!  Again you have to be quick.  My experience with this method was a bit of a pain.  Meeting up with another college student--a stranger can be a little creepy.  I was a 16 year old girl who moved from a tiny island.  I was a bit wary but I did it once.  Meet in a very public place, and during the daytime when there's a lot of people.  I might sound too cautious, but hey, you never know! I have a little sister who now is in college, and I want her to be safe and have a good head on her shoulders. 
Campus Book Rentals.
My preferred method to all those currently heading or are in college.  Is through this website which offers Textbook Rentals
Why I am excited to share though is Textbook Rentals is the fact that it meshes the idea of buying used together with my method of borrowing or renting out books!   I did mention one way to borrow a book through the library, but it is sometimes hard and not always feasible or preferable. 
 Campus Book Rentals is a great way to not deal with the hassle of meeting up with someone in hopes that the textbook you want is still available.  You can easily search their site to find the textbook you want.  You can simply use your ISBN, Title, Author, Key Word to find your book in a matter of seconds. 
  • Searching for your book is a breeze.
  • Editions, ISBN, Author and Cover Picture are clearly seen in order to verify the RIGHT textbooks.
  • Prices are very comparable if not lower than other online websites.
  • Feel free to Write, Highlight, and Underline the book as if it was yours!
  • Free Shipping--Receive and Return your books without having to pay shipping!
  • Rentback your book for money.
  • No Membership Fees
  • They offer 30 day worry free guarantee. If you drop your class or change your mind for any reason, return your book within 30 days of your order date for a full refund.
What's not to love about Campus Book Rentals?

 All in all, I will be recommending  to my own sister who is family!  I recommend it highly to you.

Here's an example of a book I needed to use for my Microbiology 250 Class:
Amazon Site

Campus Book Rentals prices for the same book.

Disclosure: This is a paid post.