Friday, April 12, 2013

Tales of the Defended Ones: These stories may change the way you see the world!

Have you ever felt overwhelmed about the great need around the world?  Specifically burdened by the poverty and the needs of children?  I know I have, and truthfully I have felt overwhelmed that I feel like what little I do hits that big great cloud and bounces right back at me.  A drop in a huge bottomless bucket.  So what do I end up doing?  Nothing.  I felt powerless and unable to help those that need help!  If you have felt that way or are feeling that way...this book is one that is for you.  It provides a different perspective that will help one understand how to help and see the great need!

This book by Beth Guckenberger has impacted my life and have changed my "drop in the bucket" feeling.  Focusing on the "Storyweaver" our Great God, Beth tells of the stories of those that God has defended--these orphaned kids, abused kids, mistreated and how He the Defender Defended them and was present with them.  This book shows how he has worked in men and woman's lives to unite them with these kids who needed help.  It truly redirects my thinking and sees that it is not me but God who can provide for them--and I just need to be a ready tool in his hands whether it is praying, providing food, shelter, monetary needs...etc.  God is not overburdened by the great need. 

Interestingly enough this book was written to be read for children in mind.  For young adults this is a great way for them to be involved in the ministry of helping others.  There were parts in the book that addressed the reader saying, "Will you pray for kids being adopted right now?  God knows their names and wants to involve you in their stories through prayer."  It was refreshing because it showed how WE as the reader can help right then and there through prayer!  

Tales of the Defended ones are five stories about kids who have gone through real tough life experiences--Experiences ranging from being sold into the sex slave industry, to being orphaned, and to being in a family  struggling with drug abuse.  They are real experiences, but all written in a way which is appropriate for young adults.  Nothing in it was "too much" at all.  I think kids who are old enough to understand will find this book stirring, encouraging, and eye opening.  I found myself crying in both sadness and then in joyfulness of how our Defender God had weaved the lives of individuals for his purposes and rescued and defended the kids.  

I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars!  I highly recommend this book. 
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Meet Beth:   Beth Guckenberger and her husband, Todd, are the founders of Back2Back Ministries which communicates a lifestyle of service by sharing the love of Christ and serving God through service to others. Guckenberger travels and speaks regularly at women's and missions conferences, as well as youth gatherings and church services. In addition to her children's releases in the Storyweaver series, Guckenberger has written two mission-minded books. She has also partnered with Standard Publishing on the mission content in its 2013 VBS program. The Guckenberger family lives and serves in Monterrey, Mexico. 

Disclaimer: I was provided this book for free for the purpose of reviewing this book.  I was not required to leave a positive feedback, just my honest opinion and review of this book.