Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Sweet Summer Escape with Jaritos Soda--- Jarritos Review

Now I am not a soda drinker, but I have to admit, on hot days there is nothing like a cool refreshing drink!  On days where there is pizza and all kinds of junk foods...I love me the carbonated drinks! 

Being a nice hot summer this year and at time for pizza dinners and some movie nights--It was a TREAT to review some Jarritos sodas to go along with our family times!

Even though my roommate from way back when boasted of
her Jarritos soda, I had not tried it.  We ended up making
a mixture of Tex-mex food instead of running out to get the soda!
So when we got the chance to try out some Jarritos...you better believe
I jumped at the chance!!! 

One thing that I remember though that my roommate said, was that Jarritos
was made from 100% Natural Sugar Cane instead of the corn syrup
regular soda was made of.  She said that in Texas she would
drink this alot, and I have to admit I can taste a difference between
this soda and others! The taste of Jarritos is something different than
regular canned pop.  It has a real unique taste that is light and not too
thick, heavy and sugar laden.   I love it.  The carbonation in the soda is very smooth.
It does not kick me in the butt to where I can't really enjoy the taste and flavor.  I also
found that when I could not finish a bottle, when kept in the fridge
I found that the Jarritos soda stayed fresh and nicely carbonated. 

My Sis in Law Playing around....

Not to mention it is a soda in a glass!  Maybe that kept the carbonation going?
I don't know but our family had so much fun drinking soda in a glass
--Something about a chilled glass soda bottle made
our meal or movie just a bit more special! 

I found that my favorite flavors was Mango and Guava and believe
it or not--PINEAPPLE! 

So here is the scoop about the flavors:

Fruit Punch (tutifruti)- It is very yummy!  Though not my favorite flavor.
I made the mistake of drinking it before refrigeration.  I opened it after the
mail man disappeared from view.  I should have been more patient.  It tasted
a bit like medicine.  BUT after refrigeration, a big difference.  I have to say,
please refrigerate this one otherwise it will taste a bit too sweet and too much
like cough medicine. 

Grapefruit (toronja)--My sis in law tried this one and it is her favorite. She is
a big soda drinker and she liked this one!  I took a sip and you know, I thought it was
very very unique and such a AWESOME flavor!!!
Guava (guayaba)--This is a very surprising flavor that I have to say you MUST try. 
Now I don't think it tasted like an actual guava I've tried, but it was lovely and fruity.
Hibiscus (jamaica)--Now this is a nice light flavor.  It is not my favorite but
because the flavor is just too light for me!
Mandarin (mandarina)--I love orange soda! This is what it reminded my husband of. 
Pineapple (piña)--Can you imagine sipping on a pineapple?  I loved this flavor.
I was so surprised that pineapple can make a great tasting soda pop!
Strawberry (fresa)--This reminded me of yes, strawberries.  It was good! Who would have known strawberry carbonation could taste well nice?

Tamarind (tamarindo)--This is something my family cooks with, it is a bit sour/sweet.
I think it was an alright flavor, not my favorite, but worth the try if you like sour/sweet.
But it is a complex flavor that if you hadn't had it growing up you might not like it. 
Lemon-Lime ("lima-limón")--My Sister's favorite!  SHe said it tasted like 7up!
I tasted it and I think it's refreshing and does remind me of Sierra Mist and 7up.
Mango (mango)--One of my favorites!  I like that I can "drink" up a mango soda and feel
like a kid again!  When I was little we used to eat a lot of mangoes!!!
Cola (cola)--this is one of the most safest flavors, and indeed it tastes like cola. 
I think it is more light tasting than other colas which is a nice difference. I am not a soda
drinker so I kind of like this flavor of Cola because it is light tasting.

Thank you so much to our generous and very wonderful sponsor for providing us with the
fun flavors of Jarritos soda! 
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