Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hoarders on TLC

We all have problems:
Sometimes I get so caught on watching this show.  I also kind of feel a bit of sympathy for them.  Though I am not a hoarder, I know how hard it is sometimes getting rid of things I just don't need!  Talk about Paper Clutter, Containers, toys, clothes....There are times that I hold on to things for years because I keep thinking "What IF I need it later?  What if I lose weight? What if?!?!?"  I can only imagine what a person who actually hoards EVERYTHING and ANYTHING would feel like.  I know it's hard for me to let go of some things, but what about the person who just can't let go?  I feel for them, and just hope that the root of the problem can be fixed and helped. I so badly hope that the light can shine out into the darkness to show them that how they are living is dangerous to their health and livelihood.  Not to mention those who love them. 

Praying for Deliverance:
I feel for them!  But at the same time I do hope that those working with them can rescue them from the stronghold of hanging on to material things.  God knows that I need to be delivered from wanting and wanting!!  Though I do not have a house chalk full of stuff I know that a little of a "hoarder" can be inside all of us.  I do pray for those who I see on the show....I am always amazed at how much stuff they have and the health hazards it causes them---and I pray that they can realize that life is so much better, safer, and much better when we can break off the ties of the Material world.  So pray pray pray that they can get the victory over the compulsion to collect and keep things.  I know it hurts those in their families and draws people and friends away from them. 

I just finished an episode of Hoarders called "I Was Gonna Gag".  My heart went out to the father.  I know CPS has the best interest for the kids, and I just felt myself rooting for the father to get rid of everything and get life back together so that his kids could come home. 
Note:  I am glad that CPS came to get the children while he got his life and house together.  Children no matter how much a father or mother loves him or her needs to be in a safe and non-hazardous place.
I could tell he loved his kids.  He somehow just let life and problems and stuff bury him under.  He mentioned a couple of times that he was just depressed--which I felt that I could totally relate to.  I know that when I get depressed I can hardly do the dishes, cook, and keep up with the daily chores!  I know that depression is something I continually have to rise above from.  I fight depression daily.  It only takes one thought to ride the downward spiral of depression.