Friday, September 23, 2011

Finger Lickin' Good Friday: Awesome Grilled Chicken BLT Sandwich

With Baby sleeping in the Crib...
 I quietly tip toe my way into the Kitchen for some lunch! To be honest, today it feels like this is my Guilty Pleasure--you  know, sneaking away by myself into the kitchen for some carefully crafted deliciousness?
My Escape
 I feel like it is my escape from the "Running-around the house Mom" I have now become.  Instead of whipping up a bunch of food together in a bowl, giving it a shake or two, and throwing it down the hatch (eating it) and calling that episode there LUNCH, I find it really nice to actually take thought into putting together this lunch for me today!  

So in the Fridge I found these Ingredients:
  • Avocado, 
  • Head of Ice Berg lettuce, 
  • Tomato, 
  • Uncooked chicken (I had boneless tenders that I cut from chx. breasts)
  • White bread
  • Turkey Bacon 
  • a Jar of Pesto 
  • Mayo.  

So, what does this sound like?
An Awesome Grilled Chicken BLT Sandwich!


  • Cook the Chicken:  Drizzle the Chicken with olive oil, salt, pepper, or any of your favorite seasonings. Pan Fry.  Set aside. 
  • Next, Cook the Turkey Bacon till Crisp! 
  • Slice the Avocado, Tomato, and Lettuce
  • Pesto and Mayo: Mix about a spoonful of each into a small bowl.  Spread this onto your slices of bread and arrange the Avocado Tomato, and Lettuce onto bread.
  • Arrange Cooked Chicken and Crispy bacon on top
  • Heat Panini Press if you have one OR do what I did, I drizzled outside pieces of bread with Olive oil (lightly) and put it on my pan for a short time.  It browned up really nicely and heated the pesto-mayo up!
  • ENJOY!

I know it's simple, but believe me...I ate it ALL within two minutes after taking a picture! 
It just melted in my mouth!

Turkey Bacon?!?

Now, I know I love bacon, but the other day we ran into Turkey Bacon that was marked down to $1.99!  Who could pass up this opportunity when regular bacon prices are a bit steep on the budget?

Well, after cooked up and trying it out for myself.... 
I loved it!
I know that I could taste the difference if I thought REALLY hard about it.  But for the most part, nope!  It tasted like bacon.  As far as turkey bacon being more healthy?   I am not too sure if anything with the word "Bacon" will ever be "healthy".  The process of making bacon bacon, or turkey bacon still includes the nitrite stage.'s more information on it if you'd like! :)

For more on Turkey Bacon Nutrition Info: