Friday, September 16, 2011

Better Homes and Gardens Contest on Facebook

Have you entered yet?? Just a few more days till the deadline!  One lucky person will win the bathroom of their dreams with a $200 Gift Certificate to give their bathroom a wonderful Refresh!

For more information on how you can enter check out the Better Homes and Gardens Facebook page for more details on how to enter yourself!

Here are some pictures of our bathroom.  I wish that there was a "Refresh, Sweep & Clean" button I could press so that things look more like a Bathroom Spa-Getaway instead of the Room you "RUN AWAY FROM"! 

1.)  Our faucet is just not working out for us.  
 The spout is just so low and the sink just doesn't allow for little hands to easily get at the flow of water.  I literally have my daughter's belly pressed against the sink and her hands outstretched to its limits before being able to get at the water.  If the neck were longer then things would be able to work so much better.     Also, cleaning in between the faucet parts are just plain difficult.  The space between counter and the faucet parts are so close together and so low that I have to get a towel and "floss" it through just to get it clean from the sitting water and mildew buildup in there. 

2.  The walls are bare and impractical. 
The space (on the right) is a wall that could use something!  We could really use a cabinet or something to ground our walls to practical reality.  With the bare walls, the space really creates a cold hospital-office feel.  I could really use a cabinet or shelving to create a comfortable, practical, and interesting bathroom.  Or even some wall decor! :)

This used to be nice decor over the toilet...

What we would rather have it this! 
With a price point online for $54.97 


Better Homes and Gardens Ferns I Framed Art


3.  Shower curtains need a makeover. 
Would love to Refresh our bathroom with a bold look.  I know that I fresh bold shower curtain can really change our bathroom into a room that is comfortable and pleasing to be in. With new shower curtains having nice colors I think it would put a nice warmth to the bathroom.

What we would absolutely love to get are new 
Shower curtains: $16! 
Shower Hooks: $9




4.  Kitchen Rug serving as a Bathroom rug
Our brave Kitchen Rug bravely volunteered to be our temporarily rug in the bathroom.  Now serving his 3rd year as the Kitchen-Bath Rug, he is not happy at the more permanent spot in the bath.  He would rather be in the kitchen keeping my feet warm from the cold laminate!

"Retire me please..."
  To be serious, I really want something that makes me feel good when I step out of the shower.  I want something soft luxurious and well--nice to look at when I get out of the shower.  I want to feel like I just stepped from the shower into some place dry and warm and not my kitchen rug.

What we would absolutely love new rugs
$120.07- 14.00

= $106.07
  Better Homes and Gardens Vine Bath Rug

Please Refresh our Bathroom--Better Homes and Gardens!