Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Vilate Interview: Call it a Nifty Nappy-view?

Vilate of Nifty Nappy Diapers made my day when she started conversing with me over doing a guest post for the Verry Wooly Event. I could not believe it! (A Quote from Little Einsteins)--kept playing over and over in my head for about an hour in my mind!  It did not help that Little Einsteins were playing either.  I think she has much knowledge in the world of cloth diapering as well as a thing or two in being a mom!  ;)

All in all I think you will enjoy this fun interview and hope that you catch a glimpse of the woman behind the business.  Included in this interview are some questions I bet some of you have been itching to ask!  Enjoy--don't be afraid to smile!

  • Of all the types of diapers you've used on your six kiddos what type of wool cover {Upcycled, Knitted etc} was your favorite?
 Well, this is a hard one to answer. LOL!! I have only ever used my own covers and I don’t knit so I can’t comment on those.... although I am sure I would LOVE them. I did have some crocheted woolies and I loved them. BUT we lived out in the sticks (the middle of nowhere, on a farm) and my kids were always playing outside and dirt is just attracted to them. (I blame my hubby he is a Soil Scientist) It seemed to me the crocheted ones where always dirty and took more effort to clean, I usually saved them for winter when we didn’t go out much.... of at least the dirt was covered by snow.

I think my faves for nights where my Woolie Wraps because they have 2 layers of wool. They seemed to last through the nights. During the days if we were going somewhere and I wanted to put on some cute outfit a Woolie Wrap under the outfit worked, but for the most part when we were home or out and about I did upcycled longies or soakers. I think my last baby only had one pair of jeans in her wardrobe.

  • What inspired you or How did you figure that one could use Soap Nuts on Wool covers?
    Humm... well I used them for my diaper laundry and just thought that they might work, I talked with a big Soap Nuts seller and did some research. I didn’t see a reason they couldn’t be used to wash them at least. What I really wanted though was a way to take the guessing out of wool care. I get lots of emails about wool and how to care for it. Wool isn’t that hard to wash and lanolize but it is a little daunting for a newbie to know how much is the right amount. And then they wonder if they did it right. Even after it is done they still aren’t sure they did it right they don’t know what it is supposed to look or smell like. If I could find a way for them to be able to just put the stuff in and not worry about how much lanolin and how much soap and how much water then they wouldn’t be so nervous about it. It took a few tries and some math... which I HATE... to figure it out. LOL!! But once I got it it worked like a charm.

    • You are one of the most well known WAHM I know and fans love you and your Nifty Nappies, what led you to open up a business and/or what gave you the courage to become what you are today?
      Well, I started all this just sewing diapers for my kiddos. Then when I bought the fabrics to make me some pockets I way over estimated how much fabric I would need and had a bunch of fabric. I didn’t need more than 20 diapers so what was I going to do with all that fabric? I made a set for my sister in law and then thought I could sell them off in my etsy shop. They sold and when I reached the end of my fabric I had requests for more. So I took some of the money I had made selling pockets and I invested in more fabrics. I guess I just did it. I do not have a shy, quiet personality so it wasn’t hard for me to get involved.

      • Alright, I have 1, ONE, UNO kid and I find it that it's hard to even sit down to knit a hat---how did you balance six kids with opening up a business, doing all the crocheting and upcycling you do, and dealing with the laundry of cloth diapers? Maybe this is more geared to helping me figure out if I should have another baby or not! Haha...just kidding. It's a question I often ask myself when I buy visit a WAHM website who is very popular and can hardly keep much in stock! I think often to myself, "How does she do it--and do it all?!".

        LOL!! Have another kid! No really I think that actually has a lot to do with it. People ask me that all the time. BUT you know usually it isn’t people with more than 3 kids. That is because with more kids they play together. When they are playing you have a minuet to sit down and do something. I have found since my older kids are all in school and just my baby is left home that it is harder to get to do things. She wants to be all involved, or she needs this or that. She seems to be always hungry when it is just here home alone. The perfect time for me what when my oldest 3 were in school and my younger three at home. My oldest of the 3 littles was old enough to entertain the littles. AND we had lots of play dates with other mamas that like to craft. They the kidlets all play together and we could have tome to crafts. But I must admit there were late nights and usually hubby would get home and I would be off to sew non stop till bed time. This is one of the reasons I have backed off and don’t sell through retailers anymore. It has put the fun back into my craft.