Friday, December 9, 2011

Fourth Day of a Verry Wooly Event: A Family Field Trip!

This last week we were able to have a family field trip!  LeAnn of Jabber Sheep Farm  graciously let us come visit her at Stoke's Auction where the Sheep were grazing.  This is the first time I ever have had interest in sheep.  I think this little adventure into wool diapering has really opened my eyes to appreciate Sheep.  Not only was it fun to go pet some sheep and take pictures of them, but it was a really good experience for me to see what is going on locally in own town of Port Orchard.

LeAnn was so gracious to us and let us come visit her at Stokes Auction House.  Her daughter, Jamee, started showing sheep in shows about five years.  Jamee was still in high school!  From then on raising sheep became a family business.  

Suffolks originate from the UK.  The environment is relatively similar to that of the UK.  This particular breed is raised mainly for their meat.  According to Sheep USA, Suffolk provide medium grade fleece.  Suffolk sheep are not really raised for sheering or their wool, but it was really fun!

Suffolk Sheep Information
My husband I think was inwardly excited too take me to see the sheep.  Andy went straight to them as soon as we neared the fence!  He even got to pet a couple of them.  This British Breed is so beautiful.  Their skin is a rich dark black with an off white-tannish brown wool cool.  LeAnn mentioned that this type of wool is good for carpets because it is coarse and has a short staple length and good for felting projects.  But in general these sheep are not sheered for their wool but are raised for their meat.  

My husband the Sheep Whisperer...

My Little "Sheep" :)  Though I do not think we could pull the Wool over their eyes!

They thought we were going to feed them, So they gathered around their food mangers

Yes...I think he is enjoying this :)
I also wanted to acknowledge and thank LeAnn for granting us the freedom and privilege to roam around the sheep stalking them with a camera!  Also, for sharing with us a little about her sheep! :)