Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Little Somber Christmas

I know I have not been updating.  I have rather been avoiding Blogger for a while now.  Just been going through some Rough Waters right now.


Our Christmas was really a good time getting together with Family and friends.  Apart from our family catching the Stomach Flu things are doing "alright".  My husband took care of Sophie while I was sick my aunts and grandma took care of me all throughout Christmas Eve and throughout Christmas day.  I really appreciated their help and care.  Then we went off to my husband's side of the family where I just slept the day and night away.  With sounds of my toddler screaming, laughing talking lulling me to sleep as I slept in my sister's (in law) bedroom.  It was restful and peaceful and all that I could ask for being miserably sick to my stomach.

When we got home after all the Christmas Celebrating...I have to say we were all relieved.  Our own bed and lots of sleeping to do and getting better from this flu!  But it just seems right when we were catching our breath the phone rang with some somber news....

A Loss in our Family:

"Hi Honey,"  my mom's voice soft, "Lola died...."  The words fell like lead from the phone.  {Lola--my Grandma on my dad's side}.  I could not believe what she said.  I did not even get a chance to wish Lola a Merry Christmas!  Thoughts of regret and guilt flooded my head.  I had thought of Lola a day or two before Christmas.  I had thought about calling her and having our usual conversations that really encouraged me and really lifted me no matter what kind of day I was having.  I missed her.  My mom and I cried over the phone--she had died on Christmas 7pm.  None of her kids or grandchildren or in laws were surrounding her...but I know that we all wanted to be there with her this Christmas.  We love her dearly.  She was the sweetest and most kind hearted person I have ever known.  She loved me no matter if I made mistakes--she always encouraged me to get back up and just do the best I could do possible to get back in the right.   

That night I just sobbed as my husband wrapped his arms around me.  She was a really kind woman.  She treated my mom not as a "daughter in law" but as her own daughter.  My mom did the same treated her as her own mother.  Whenever I needed someone to cry to or to understand....she was that ear to listen and to just talk to.  She was so understanding, so generous.  She prayed for me and my husband whom she had never met.  When I had my daughter she just started praying for her too....always on my birthday and on holidays she would give me a call.  She did this for all of us. 

I wish I could be there for her memorial this Friday in the Philippines...I just wish I could just be there with my family to see her one last time here on earth....we tried getting tickets but yeah...about that...fares are tripled right now~ a bit frustrated, but knowing that all things work together for good to them that Love God...

If anyone of you are wondering why I have not been blogging in a while or even posting up the winners from the Wooly Event.....we have been treading some Unexpected Rough Waters right now and need some time to draw near as a family to grieve...