Wednesday, December 14, 2011

CC Baby Wool Longies Review and $10 GC Giveaway

My first impression on the CC Baby Longies diaper was the softness of the fabric.  It is cashmere!  My husband describes Cashmere as this:It feels like premium soft thick tissue paper and somewhat like rabbit’s fur. His favorite hat is made out of warm Rabbit’s fur if you are wondering about his answer! 

Of all the wool diapers we have this is by far the softest we have had encountered.  

The second thing I was so excited about were these two Candy Canes!  When Janna does incorporate embellishments on her diapers, I think they are sweet and oh so cute!  I have to say that these Candy Canes make this diaper festive and fun!  I cannot wait to show off this wool diaper to my family at Christmastime.  They have been wondering about our cloth diapering ways, and it would be such a neat experience to share with them this very Festive Wool Longie from CC Baby.   

Review of CC Baby's Cashmere Longies:
Cashmere is such a luxury! 

Right now my daughter is testing out CC Baby's Very Cool New Upcycled Longies.  It is made of Cashmere which is by far the softest most plush wool I have come across.  And I have to admit it does feel gentle and soft like Angora Rabbit fur.  My daughter loves all things soft, and I am glad to slip on these Cashmere longies on to her.  Her skin is really sensitive right now due to eczema, and I feel like these Cashmere longies are perfect for her skin right now.  With features such as breath-ability and almost silky softness--I know that her skin will not get irritated.  I know with cloth diapering we have some PUL that she just dreads because it is a bit  harder on her skin.  Her chunky legs do get red marks with some of our PUL diaper covers, and I find it a relief to find these wool covers to cause no harm to her skin. 

Lightweight and Trim:

This diaper like the Merino diaper I have reviewed is very lightweight and trim.  There is not much bulkiness even with a prefold or a fitted diaper underneath the wool cover.  The fabric itself is very fluffy and lightweight which is a plus when I am on the go.  Packing cloth diapers in my diaperbag can become quite a feat, so I am glad that this CC Baby Longie is not very bulky.  It is keeps her bottom pretty trim.  I find that sometimes extra fluff at the bottom can prove a bit of a nuisance when putting her in car seats and such--so it is very nice to have this trim diaper cover.  This diaper may be lightweight but does keep me from embarrassing leakage when we have company over or go out to run some errands. 


I also want to point out another feature of this diaper: When one looks inside CC Baby's diapers, one will see that the diaper is all serged together.  From my standpoint a serged diaper will last longer and will hold together better.  With Cloth Diapers being used  constantly, having something serged gives me the assurance that the diaper will last a whole lot longer.  It also gives the inner diaper a nice finished look I think.    

Dependency--Daytime Diaper or Nighttime Diaper:
Double Layered
As far as absorbency is concerned I think this diaper absorbs works quite well as a daytime diaper with a prefold underneath.  This CC Baby Longies in particular is double layered in the soaker region.  I am glad for this extra layer of thickness because otherwise I think the diaper would be far too thin to keep in the moisture from the diaper.  Cashmere may not be the best fabric for nighttime heavy wetters unless you have a very absorbent fitted or prefold underneath.  My go to fitted diaper {Cow Patties Famous Fitted} for night time usage does work well with this diaper as a night solution.  I have used this Cashmere diaper for night time, but made sure to have my Cow Patties fitted on.  The result was she remained dry and the diaper was damp but kept her and the sheets dry. 

A prefold with this Cashmere Longies was damp when I used it for her naptime {2-3 hours}.  So I can imagine it needs maybe two prefolds in order to ensure she wakes up dry.  In general I think Cashmere does not do as well to hold in the moisture as Lambswool and Merino wool.  I would recommend cashmere predominantly for day time usage.  As for night time usage sure!  But only if you can pair up a good fitted diaper or prefold with it.  As some have said in the past, "A wool diaper is only as good as the diaper underneath it!".   

Warmth and Coolness:

 I am very grateful for its dual duty of keeping my daughter warm.  Even though it is obviously Christmas-geared I think this is one of those diapers that will be able to hold up during our Spring and Summer months too.  It will keep her warm in the wintry months and will be great for the hotter months as well because of its moisture wicking properties.  The New York Times and other fashion forward business seem to have caught on to the Wonders of Wool too!  Check out the article "Cashmere is So Hot, It's Cool For Summer!".

One other feature of this Longie are the legs.  I always love it when it tapers down into these!  I find that it makes the fit better and keeps her so much warmer when she is running around the house. 

CC Baby Measurments and Fit:
My daughter is a size Large when it comes to CC Baby’s measurements.  I slipped on the beautiful Christmas Longies on her just to see how they fit.  They fit well.  Yet I had a little bit of trouble after washing, lanolizing and drying the diaper.  When I slipped the diaper back on her I was dismayed to find the waist band stretched out a tad bit.  The waistband was really loose on Sophie.  To solve this problem I think I will sew in some stretchy elastic to keep the longies on her waist.  The rest of the diaper is the right size, but the waistband kind of falls down on her.

The waistband is not really stretchy like wool interlock so I can see how easily it might stretch out.  I think next time I will just simply ask for a more custom smaller fit to where the waist can hug my daughter better.  Janna is easy to talk to when it comes to placing your order and creating a custom fit diaper.

From now on I am paying more close attention to my Wool Care routine to make sure I am not stretching them out mindlessly.  All in all my daughter has been going through some growth spurts and some thinning out which can add to my many clothing woes!  With wool diapers I find that it is very easy to make little adjustments in order to make a diaper fit better.

I also think this will become more of my daytime diaper, but will not hesitate to use this as my nighttime diaper as long as I have something other than a prefold underneath it.  The softness is incredible, and the fact that Janna Serges her diapers are a plus that I know adds to its durability.  It does dry pretty quickly, and I find that I can get a good 2-3 uses if I rotate it through my stash right! 

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