Thursday, December 8, 2011

Third Day of a Verry Wooly Event: My Sugar Lamb Wool Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway!

Here are the pair of longies we received in the mail from Candace.  And yes, the cerulean turquoise blue is fantastic in  person!  I cannot wait to visit my family for the holidays to show this diaper off!  They are a little wary about me telling them I cloth diaper, and I think this wool diaper is very fun, fashionable and adorable they cannot but change their minds about cloth diapers!

 When I first slipped Sophie into this wool cover, the first thing I noticed about it was the thickness of the diaper.  It is 100% Lambswool.  It does feels very heavy duty and also very soft.  I have heard a few people say that Lambswool is by far the best diaper to have for heavy wetters because of its thickness.  I know one thing was certain:  I was eager to try it out for overnight diapering.  

These longies make me smile!  They remind me why I have developed a sense of addiction to wool diapers!  Do you not just admire these "leg cuffs"?  They remind me of 80s where ladies would exercise in tights and wear scrunchy socks! 

A Tid Bit about Lambswool:
Now I am finding it hard to get any information that focuses on Lambswool.  But here is what I have:  Lambswool is simply wool taken from a Lamb's first sheering. According to K.K. Maitra, Lambswool has "superior spinning properties...and is used in fine grade woolen fabrics".  In my own experiences with Lambswool, I find that it is by far the most dense and thickest of wools I have touched and worked with.

Review of My Sugar Lamb's Longies:

Trimness and Warmth: 
As far as trimness is concerned, this Wool Longie is not bulky. The size she has on is a size Large, and it fits her perfectly and really makes for a cute rump! I do have one cloth diaper in my stash that just makes her bum look about 3-4 times her size! But this wool cover really looks like a normal pair of pants which is more than I can ask for. She was able to move freely and easily in this diaper. Sometimes I feel a cloth diaper can make my daughter walk and feel like she is bow-legged. Needless to says he loved this diaper and did not look or feel like the Wool Longie got in the way. It fit nice and snug to her body with some room to grow.

I think it is thick enough to be our cold weather diaper, and maybe a little too thick for summer weather. As for warmth I took her out a couple of times outside, and this diaper kept her nice and warm! The wind did not break through the wool. Though I felt this was a thick diaper, I did notice that she was not complaining of being overly warm.

Absorbency and "Repell-ency": 
Now with these Longies after being lanolized do not really absorb a whole lot. Do not get me wrong, wool does absorb a great amount under certain conditions, but because of the lanolization of the diaper it did not. The prefold's purpose was to absorb and the Wool Longie's job was to keep everything in. And it performed marvelously. The Hydrophobic properties of the wool kicked in and was able to keep the moisture from leaking out of the diaper. We are both so happy to have My Sugar Lamb's Longie in our lives!

For day time usage, I find that they worked very well. No dampness was felt on her bum. Candace has a sewn in soaker pad for extra protection. The wool cover was able to keep Sophie dry the whole time we used this diaper during the day. Again, we only used a prefold and a snappi for the inner diaper. I found the prefold soaked through while the inside of the wool cover was merely damp. Amazingly the outside of the diaper was perfectly dry. Between the Soaker pad and the fact that this is one heavy duty Lambswool diaper, wetness did not even scratch the surface.
Sewn In Soaker

Still used prefolds under the My Sugar Lamb Longie

As far as night time diapering, I have no worries with her waking up wet at all. What made me at ease was not only the early sucess of day time diapering but also the fact that she lasted the whole night through without the wool diaper even feeling damp. I usually change her right before she goes to bed, but I had forgotten.

In the morning I felt horrible. I kind of dreaded picking her up of the crib knowing that I had forgotten to change her. To my surprise her sheets were dry and the Wool cover was dry. Absolutely no dampness on the outside. In the inside her prefold was entirely used up. Internally the wool was damp. I'd say this is one amazing wool diaper.


I have found that this Lambswool longies surpasses anything I have ever imagined was possible with a cloth diaper. With my daughter using this diaper for 12 hours (overnight) and still not have a damp bottom, I am deeply impressed with My Sugar Lamb's Longie! I love it and recommend getting one if they have a heavy wetter.

Candace does put a lot of time and effort into her diapers and one can tell that from her work! I did want to mention something that she does with some of her diapers which I think is very smart in the long run. Upon examining my diaper and how it was put together, I saw that she had kept the integrity between the sweater and the sweater arm. Although it kind of looked funny at first, when worn the line kind of just lines up with my daughter's side--it adds character and even looks like a pocket! In the long run the more parts of the sweater you keep without cutting is best. The diaper on a whole stays a bit stronger because it has its original stitches. On the natural green note: Less is wasted!

I highly recommend her. She is very personable and not intimidating at all. She has a great eye in finding great sweaters to upcycle! She has great colors to offer and fun embellishments that are adorable. And one thing that I can see through this Wool Longie we were sent is her attention to details. The thread with which she used to sew the diaper together matches the color of the diaper. When she sewed the inner soaker on, I could hardly notice the outline of the soaker from the outside because she picked out thread to match. The trim inside is very even and if you will clean. She sewed the pieces together in such a way that the diaper does not look upcycled! I really admire her hard work and care she puts into her creations. She is a Canadian SAHM with another little Sugar Lamb on the way! In case you did not know...My Sugar Lamb is in reference to her little one :)
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  Disclaimer:  I received a diaper in order to facilitate this review.  Opinions are mine and I have not been compensated in any way to write a good review.  I have provided my true opinion of the diaper.