Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Second Day of a Verry Wooly Event: Three Happy Trees Wool Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway

Mandi from Three Happy Trees sent me a very Autumn-inspired Wool Soaker to review. 
 She had these lanolized  washed in wool wash before sending them off to me.  Before I opened the package, all I could smell was an amazing scent coming from inside the package!  Sweet Orange and Ginger.  I know it sounds like a weird combination, but it was THE FIRST THING I noticed with this diaper!  Thanks for tempting me with your Wool Wash Bar, Mandi!  Now I am not only in love with a diaper, but with a wool wash bar too! :)

The next impressions are critical:   

I was in love with the little acorns sewn on the diaper and was surprised at the feel of the wool!  When my fingers touched the soaker to pull it out of its package, I was puzzled that it did not even remind me of wool.  So smooth and supple I almost thought that it reminded me of some silky cotton!  I have been researching wool, and knew that what I held in my hands was none other than the superior, softest, and finest wools in the world.  I double checked with Mandi and sure enough it is Extra fine Merino wool.    

A Tid Bit of Merino Wool:
Originating from Spain the Merino sheep highly valued and protected.  When I say highly valued, I mean they were protected from being exported to other countries which made the wool even more highly desirable.  Though merino is available to everyone in today’s present age, it is still one of the most expensive of wools.  The fine fibers of the merino make this wool breathable, supple and soft, able to regulate temperature, and comfortable to wear!  I can understand why it is still considered one of the most excellent of wools out there.  What makes it superior and exceptional in comparison to other wools is the measurement of its fibers.  The more miniscule the fibers are (diameter) the softer the wool will be.  The diameter of the fibers is 13-15 microns for Ultra fine wool and 16-17 microns for Superfine wool.  

Traditional wool fiber, superfine and complex Merino fiber , synthetic fiber

 Microscope Picture from "Merino Fiber Properties"

Review of Three Happy Trees Wool Soaker:

Great Stretch for Chunky Thighs:
So from a standpoint of just looking at the diaper.  I was really liking the stretch these shorties provided.  My little darling has very chunky healthy thighs, and love the fact that the stretchy fabric will hug her legs.  No red marks like from PUL diapers just this nice soft fabric hugging those chunky thighs.  Doesn't the fabric look nice and stretchy?  I love it. 

Interlock Doubler as a Soaker:
Instead of a sewn in diaper soaker, she has attached a wool interlock doubler inside the diaper.  I think this is pretty ingenious.  One can embellish the outer parts of the diaper without having to worry about outline of the soaker hindering the designs on the diaper.  In the long run I think that the advantage to this type of doubler is the faster drying times.  

 Lightweight and trim:
As a wool diaper, this is one of the trimmest ever--due to the Extra Fine Merino wool.  I love that it works quite well for a lightweight diaper.  Though it is trim it has lasted just long and well as any other diaper we have. Even when we are out and about this trim diaper has kept our daughter's clothes dry and laps safe from accidental wetness! 

We used this diaper when we had Thanksgiving with friends.  I used it the whole night, and was grateful that it held up for the whole night till we arrived safely home!  I simply hung the diaper to dry and by morning it was ready to be cycled into my cloth diaper routine.  To give you more a picture of what our night was like:  I changed her three times and it was damp by the second change, but not soaking wet.  Her clothes and carseat were dry and all was well with me as we visited friends and family.  She wore a dress so it allowed the diaper to have breathability and moisture was able to evaporate from the diaper to dry off.  

I have used it as a night time diaper as well.  Underneath the diaper we have used prefolds and fitted cloth diapers.  Simply cotton diapers paired with the Three Happy Trees Soaker have worked great.  I find that her sheets are dry in the morning.  I had my doubts at first because the diaper is lightweight and not as thick as the other diapers I have been trying out.  But I think this Merino wool is sticking its ground as a good night time diaper.  When I get my daughter up in the morning I find that her inner diaper is soaked, while the soaker is damp.  Her Pajamas are dry and her bedding doesn't need any washing.  I am finding that the soaker gets damp and that simply tells me its time for a diaper change and a switch in covers. 


I love this wool cover because its trimness and lightweight fabric.  It just has a nice fit to her bum!  Because they are shorties I can easily slip this wool cover underneath dresses and pair up some Babylegs with it!  I find that these shorties are dependable for anytime of day and night.  Another thing to note is that these wool diapers dry fairly quickly.  I do not have to wait long before using them!   

Mandi is such a great SAHM.  I can tell she really puts a lot of time and care into her sewing.  From the email conversations I have had with her, I do know that she is caring and responds quickly to her customers.  I should think that if anyone has any questions about cloth diapering or anything she would be there to help at the drop of a hat and offer any advice she may give!  I love that I am able to introduce to you not only a good wool diaper, but also a kind and warm and friendly-hearted person behind it all. 

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Disclaimer:  I received a diaper in order to fascilitate this review.  Opinions are mine and I have not been compensated in any way to write a good review.   I have provided my true opinion of the diaper.