Friday, December 9, 2011

Fourth Day of a Verry Wooly Event: TO BE ANNOUNCED!

For some reason the post that I had ready for  today did not post!  I spent so much time writing it up and Blogger did not save it.  I have been having trouble with that lately--Like my Sponsors Page and the Verry Wooly Event Page "DID NOT SAVE!" after I have poured so much work into it!  Anyone else have problems like this?  Even after you Save and Publish it?  It is so frustrating because this is not the first time I have had to rewrite a blog post.  Thankfully I believe in handwriting my posts and have it all down on paper! :) Whew!

My husband took over the computer last night to check for viruses {Been  having trouble with Random Programs in the Computer popping up, and a few minutes afterwards my computer freezes!}.  Sure enough he found a handful of viruses on the computer. 

With Day 4 of the Verry Wooly Event erased and the hard work poured into it, I just called it an early night and went to get some much needed sleep! So apoligies on it being late!  Thankfully it was not a Review/Giveaway Day just an Information Day and another post about us our Family Field Day Trip to see some Sheep in Port Orchard! :)  After I get my daughter set in for the day I will get it up within an hour or so!

Thank you so much for understanding!