Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Smarterer Review: What do you know?

What is Smarterer?
Smarterer is an online testing platform which scores and sees just how much one knows about digital, social, and technical skills.  For instance Facebook, Twitter, Google Search, Google Mail are popular sites people use every day.  But just how much skill and knowledge do you have in using these sites and their features?  Smarterer is a great tool to measure an individual's skill.  Though someone may be qualified to use these sites, skill and knowledge are a different matter.

My Thoughts after Trying a Test or two from Smarterer:
I just finished taking "Google Mail" Test.  I was so surprised how much I did not know!  I thought it would be easy, but alas, answering 10 Questions in 60 seconds can prove difficult.  You see for every question you are given a certain amount of time to respond.  You either know it or don't.  I scored pretty low.  I was not all too confident in my questions and it showed because of how long it took to answer some of the questions.  There were some easy questions, that I knew right off the bat, but some things in Google mail I have not even used.
 *Scores are based on the Glicko Rating System: a Chess Scoring system.

My Scores:

I do not use Gmail's Chat much and there were a few questions concerning this!

Just started being a BzzAgent, so I honestly have much to learn about being a BzzAgent and learning more about the program.

I thought it was fun to test out how much I know about my Technical and Social network skills.  You should try it out to see just how much skill you have!  Sign up on Smarterer just to see how well you do!  Here are some of the tests available on Smarterer:
  • Blogger test
  • Facebook test
  • Flickr test
  • Twitter test
  • WordPress test
  • Tumblr Test
  • And many more!

 Want to stay in touch with Smarterer and find out all the latest news and updates?

I am a BzzAgent and had the opportunity to try out Smarterer myself.  Opinions are solely my own.