Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Fisher of Men

Is this a pet for our fishtank---Sophie thinks

"Watch My husband skillfully chop the head off!"
"Is this going on your blog?"  :) YES!

Lots of smoked salmon for us!  Chum.

 Alright, so my husband has had such a Dry Season when it comes to fishing.  It seems that for all the hours in the day he goes out to fish, he comes home empty handed and beaten by that fish that got away or did not bite!

The Fish Story
But One Day he came home with a different story to tell.  With a tremendous grin and excited voice he told me the story of how he came to catch this big one!  He was sitting there in his little kayak letting the line bob with the waves caused by a motor boat.  He began to reel in his line just because he was going to go in for the night.  Then to his surprise he felt something at the other end "just swimming around and not fighting at all".  He thought it was another bull head or dog shark.  He reeled more and the fish went "Whizzzzz!"  A friendly young fisherman near by pulled his boat near and helped him net it.  The fish was huge!!!  He could not stop grinning and telling me the story! 

My Prayer & Encouragement & Lesson I learned
You know, sometimes I just pray for these days where his life will be fruitful and that he can reap the joy and fulfillment of his efforts!  I also pray that those he meets along the way will see the Light of Jesus Christ within Him.

I know that there are times my husband comes home and he's just beat.  The job and the workplace in the shipyard is a tough place to be a Bible believing, God fearing man.  I know he has his faults and slips into things at work.  But I know that there must be something in him that wants to bring souls to repentance and to the Truth in the Word of God.  But as a wife, I pray for the calling of God in his life--for him to be a Fisher of Men.  I pray that he'll bring that "BIG FISH" in one day, and come home with a big grin on his face.  Until then I hope he'll not give up casting out his fishing line.

Mark 1:17 - "Come, follow Me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men."

For by grace are ye saved through faith, not of yourselves--it is a gift of God--Not of works, Lest any man should boast.