Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Knitted Project: Cool Knit Hat

INSTRUCTION: K2Tog until you have 7 stitches left....
It sounds easy enough, but up until this step I've been K2Tog--and everything seemed so hard to knit because of the bulk? or the tightness of the stitches. 

SO funny yet frustrating to me is that I was 3 stitches away from finishing my knit hat!  Upon having trouble knitting together on one of the DPNs, I dropped a few stitches on another needle.  This is my first hat, and my other first projects were dish cloths.  I am so NEAR and a couple of dropped stitches is holding me back from finishing this gift for my grandma.

My Inspiration and what I'm working towards is to make a hat like this for my daughter.  When I was pregnant with my daughter (1 year 1 month ago), my husband had an idea for matching hats.

I've been working on my Grandma's hat for about a year now, and still have not finished it.  Oh the want for those last 7 stitches!  He keeps poking fun at me and teasing me that "I'll get those matching hats I promised him and Sophie in ten years!"  Haha!  He wants me to make Panda Hats--with ears! :)

Fred Meyers Hat
  We went to Fred Meyers last night, and this knitted hat was priced at $15 (on sale too)!   Now it was not a homemade hat so it did not have that special touch.  I just hate paying for something that was machine I'm working myself towards something like this.

Anybody have any cute patterns or pictures to further inspire my efforts? Just point me in the direction!

Love this hat! :) 

Planning on going to A Good Yarn Shop to ask help from my friends! :)
They hare having a "Knit In" this Friday from 4-9!  I wonder if hubby will watch dear daughter so I can go!