Monday, October 17, 2011

Christmas Card Picks from Tiny Prints & Discount Code!

Last year as first time parents:
 This year I am already prepping up for Christmas!  Last year Christmas just snuck up on us with power outage and cold wintry nights!  I hardly had a chance to catch my breath after giving birth to our daughter.  I just felt a little less motivated and was rather captivated with our daughter :)

We ended up not getting a Christmas tree until Christmas Eve when a tree fell down by our house!  Dear husband cut the top off of the tree and brought it home.  He also brought another tree top home from work--he was a landscaper and they were working on fallen trees after a windstorm.

SO this year, I am planning to
  • Get a Christmas tree and decorate it before Christmas Eve at least.
  • Bake to my heart's content.
  • Have a fire in our fireplace.  
  • Pop popcorn and string them around the house.
  • Last and not least: Send off Christmas Cards before the season ends!

A New Tradition:
I think it would be fun to start a tradition of hanging up our Christmas cards on our Christmas tree this year.  Every time we look upon the tree we will think about the family members and friends who make seasons like Christmas more meaningful.  I enjoy life because of those who have left a big impression in my life.

Some of my picks for this year's Christmas Cards from Tiny Prints:

Ornament Cards
Booming Blossoms : Winterberry
Designed by Darling Papers for Tiny Prints

Ornament Cards

Traditional Tidings : Linen
Designed by Lady Jae Designs for Tiny Prints

For more Christmas cards from tiny prints and to browse their site click here:

Christmas Trees and Pets:
As a family who has active cats, Christmas trees are always in danger of toppling over. I mentioned hanging Christmas Cards for display on our tree.  So knowing I have pets, I just want to address Christmas Trees and pets.   Last year our cat played with our ornaments and soon figured he could jump on some of the lower branches.  Our tree was more of a nuisance to me because of the constant fear of it toppling over.  I've done some research and hope this can help you out for I know we all love our Christmas trees and would love it to be safe for pets too!

  • Have a ceiling hook above the Christmas tree and tie it in place.  
  • Secure the bottom of the tree to the tree stand  and make sure to cover base so as to keep pets from drinking the water.  
  • Make sure that the tree is not top heavy from ornaments. The more secure and stable your tree is the less likely it will topple over. 

For more tips check out these websites:

 Here is a code that you can use for Tiny Prints Holiday Cards and Party Invites: