Sunday, October 23, 2011

Review of a Facebook App: A Better World

This is Not Just Another Game:
When I started playing "A Better World" I was kind of thinking that it would be just another Sims kind of game, but I was pleasantly surprised that it is refreshingly different.
It is different because of the positive values and elements it has incorporated all throughout the game. I find myself encouraged as well as thinking and reflecting on positive things going on in my life.

Positive Places and Activities:
There are more than 15 interesting locations for community member to explore! And each location has its own unique element of "positivity".

For instance, there is a place in the game called "Gratitude Grotto" where I find myself counting my blessings! This really encourages me--and no matter how hard a day may be, I know that there is at least one thing I can add to the "waterfall". The waterfall shows my responses as well as other players' own expression of grattitude and blessings. I love that this game causes me to sit down and share what I am grateful for.

 My most favorite of all places is the Sanctuary of Hope. Nestled in the countryside of the game, is this cathedral like place where people (players) can come and light a candle to support the hopes and dreams of others. Not only can one light a candle for others, but one can also add a hope or dream of their own. I think it is pretty neat sharing and supporting other people's hopes and dreams.

 In a section of the game called the Sanctuary of Hope, players are greeted by an angel
character who asks them to spend a moment thinking about their wishes and prayers for
a better world. In the safe environment of the game, players can post their reflections,
as well as hopes and dreams for themselves or others. They can also read other entries
and light candles to show support for other members of the community.

Great way to connect with Families and Friends:
Now I love my Farm on Farmville, and Sims, but "A Better World" is different.  And in this case--it's a good different.  While playing the game I found myself thinking that this would be such a neat game for my friends and family to play together.  Why?  Well, this game is not just a virtual game--but is a game that engages interaction between real people in the real world.  It is not just "farming with other players"--but it is leaving notes of appreciation, love, and encouragement.  The focus of the game is virtually doing good to others...but at the same time in reality.  So hence, it encourages if I may...'a better world...'

A Better World's is a great game.  I think it has lived up to its expectations for I've found myself doing exactly what they intended this game for--thinking and doing positive things virtually as well as in reality.  Here is their vision for A Better World:

 ToonUps hopes A Better World’s original approach could usher in a new genre of “do
good gaming.” Research shows that being encouraged to think about things they are
thankful for and doing activities that provide encouragement to others improves their
mental, emotional and spiritual well being.--Toonups

Check out these Links to learn more and discover A Better World:

I was given the opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions on A Better World. ToonUps provided a $50 donation to (name of nonprofit/church of choice) as a thank you for my participation. All thoughts and opinions are my own.