Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil Review

Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil

I have to say they have great shipping!  The Coconut Oil came so fast, I barely had time to prepare the other two ingredients for making my lotions!  I could tell by the way the two jars were packaged, that they take great care of us and their products.  I will never fear of my oils cracking open.  I wished I took a picture for you all to see, but believe me--it was pretty secure and safely packed into that box. 

I unscrewed the jar and I was taken back by the wonderful delicious scent of fresh coconut oil!  I never have been excited about how something smells unless its food--and this has such a freshness to it!  I desired to eat it right out of the jar.  Knowing that one cooks with coconut oil, I could not wait to incorporate the coconut oil into my cooking and not just for lotions and butters and soaps.  So much versatility in this healthy product!

After enjoying the smells of the coconut oil, I knew that I will be getting my oils from here when I need to make more lotions, butters, and soaps.  I was set!  Their products just sell themselves!  There's no need for any more advertisement or persuasion here!  I took some pictures of what I did with the coconut oil!  I was very happy and satisfied with the result of using their coconut oil. I look forward to working with them as I begin my little business here! :)

 About them and their "traditions"

I have been looking for products that I can incorporate into lotions and butters.  When I visited Tropical Traditions I really loved how everything that they were and are was very much "natural".  From the way they are upfront on "WHERE" their products come from.  They are an honest company with nothing to hide.  All their products keep to the traditional way of being produced.  When I started reading through their website, I found that they support the families in the Philippines.  The process of extracting coconut oil is highly time-consuming and instead of resorting to a less traditional way --they just expanded their workforce with more people!  Also, they the Filipinos were able to find a very "ingenius" way of extracting the precious oil from the coconuts that made the oil much more pure, delicious, and therefore richer in antioxidants.  

Upon discovering the coconut oil and all the wonderful Coconut products, Tropical Traditions offers a vast array of products:

Grass fed meats--Beef, Bison, Lamb,

Poultry that is cage free and feed coconut fed!  No soy products.  Their eggs are Soy free!

Other things that they have are Household cleaners, Healthy oils--Omega 3 Fish Oils, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Pet Foods and Skin care products, and great recipes
And so much more! 

Chicken Satay with Coconut Peanut Sauce

 There is also no worry here of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) which is up for some debate with many.  I personally endeavor to just steer away from modified DNA in foods I eat just because we do not know yet of the outcomes of this technology!  (sort of like x-rays).  I just do not mind having my fruits and veggies having a few bruises on them  you know?  Its okay if my food is not looking all that "perfect"! 

Tropical Traditions truly could not have had more perfect founders--Brian W. Shilhavy and Marianita Jader Shilhavy.  She is a Certified Nutritionist or Dietician in the Philippines.  He is a studier of the Bible and graduated from the Moody Bible Institute.  You have a company that is founded on the Bible and with the knowledge of a Certified Nutritionist!  What more could you ask?  They KNOW about healthy living in all aspects, Spiritual and Natural health.  I greatly appreciate that they do not in any way push anything on you, but is just very evident that they believe in God in how they operate their business with integrity, honesty, purity, and excellence.  I read about how Brian found peace with God.  His honesty just really helped me realize that this company is not based on greed but is personable and plainly a company that I can find myself going back to time and time again.  

I highly recommend all they have to offer you on their site!
Will I buy more from their site?  ABSOLUTELY!
Thank you so much Tropical Traditions for allowing me to review your products!

They provided the two jars of Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil free of charge, and this did not in any way affect my review of their product!