Friday, February 11, 2011

Updates on our Family

The Battle of the Sore throat
This is the first time our Little One baby is sick.  In fact Andy and I are battling some really bad sore throats!  I have it worse out of them all.  Being the mom taking care of Daddy and baby while sick can make mom sickest of all!  With coughing, runny nose, and a cup of hot tea, honey, and lemon I get through the day with baby.  Breastfeeding is so hard I have to admit.  Perhaps its a mindset too, but my body just does not feel up to producing milk!  For a week I have been giving the bottle a lot more, and I do not feel guilty about a little Enfamil in her diet.

Lucky for us, Sophie, has not been coughing too much.  She mainly has a dry cough at night and early in the morning.  Any body can explain that?  She chipper, and actively babbling away during her wake hours.  I cannot believe how much of a trooper she is!  I do not believe she is a seriously sick baby.  She has a steady going appetite, and is not lethargic or anything.  So, I am not worried to the point of rushing her out the door to see doctor. No fever too, so...not worried, but worried at the same time because this is her first time being sick!

Sore Throats On Google
Have you ever had a child in bed and while you tucked him in for rest, you googled all the possibilities for a diagnosis?  I have spent an hour on Google, just trying to figure out what bad sore throat we've got and running back and forth to the bathroom mirror to see if I have "yellow or white spots" on my tonsils.  Nothing.  I have tried and found so many suggestions to what we have!

In the end, I think what I want to hear is "Your little daughter, Sophie, has ______.  But do not worry, it will just take 2-3 days to go away.  In the meantime please do A, B, and C.  Mom and Dad, you do not need to worry the Sore throat going through is just your average Sore Throat, no complications!"

C.  Home Treatments (some info from Webmd)
In the meantime I am sipping away at some hot tea with honey from a friend of mine who owns some hives and a local washington farm.  She called me and reminded me that I had some in the cupboard!  I totally forgot about how good honey is to the throat.  Very soothing!
  • Make some Salty Warm Water for gargling
    • The Salt can in a sense dehydrate most bacteria cells.  The high concentration of salt outside of the bacteria cell causes the water to come out from cells.  Thereby, dehydrating the bacteria, and in the end killing it!  
    • How I know this?  I took a Microbiology class :)  Was very interesting to see all the little things that get us sick. 
  • Always drink lots of water
    • I recommend your favorite hot tea bag, a tablespoon of honey, and a lemon slice
    • Water keeps your nasal passage, and throat nice and moist instead of dry
    • Thins out that mucos, which is a good thing
    • Do not get yourself in a bad state of dehydration!
  • Have a Vaporizer or Humidifier going in your room
  • Get some rest!
    • I did not do this, and got myself off on a worse position.
    • I overworked myself, and now I am paying for it, not worth it!
Sore Throat Links:

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