Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Word-filled Wednesdays

Something that I am learning now that I am married, is the part of me that desire to talk when it is time for bed.  It seems that my inner clock loves talking right before bed--I have this urge for many conversations or a list of things I want done and feel I have to tell him right before bed.  God hit me in the face with this Bible verse---very gently but firmly corrected me today.  Our new baby girl in our life has caused us many sleepless nights.  He slept in the living room last night.  As I looked for a verse for today, God led me to find this one.  Part of being a home maker and keeper of the house--I need to keep my husband's needs in front of what I want.  He is a hard worker, even when he is sick.  God bless the men in our lives with sweet sleep!

There are times where he does stay up to help take care of our little girl.  There are times when he sleeps.  I never knew that my role before God would be to "Let sleeping men lie".