Friday, January 28, 2011

valentines and shutterfly

I think valentines day would be a day to show how much I appreciate my husband in times where I have been so not sane self. For all those days I have been a monster mommy on a rampage because! I know I thank Andrew a lot, and it would be nice to do something well...extraordinary!

I know he is a very simple person, and is not into a lot of expensive things, but I have to think of something! He was there for me throughout my pregnancy, and throughout my labor and the excitement of pre-labor contractions. He tirelessly held my hand, coaxed me not to worry, and braved with me through the unknown. As my little one came came, he even cut the umbilical cord—one who I thought would not really be able to do something like this! I was amazed with the silent strong man that he was. I remember thinking and looking at him in my vulnerableness-- “He married me! This man is my husband!” During the nights of sleeplessness, he stayed up taking care of the baby when I could not. I really appreciate him, and my thanks goes out to all the fathers out there like my husband, Andrew.

Valentines this year is like another thanksgiving for me—where there is a deep gratefulness and gratitude for the unconditional love one has for another. I cannot help but see how my husband reflects the Savior He has grown so much like. A quiet voice, a strength I cannot see, a positive and most loving and uplifting person—he reminds me how much more my God is for us! I think this February, I am going to focus on just doing continual acts of love, and show to him how much I appreciate him by just holding back on my words that can bring houses down, by waking up every morning and telling him how much I love him, by just joining him on the couch and watching whatever show he likes (or video games), and make that cake I have been meaning to bake for him!

I think this year our little girl and I are going to be joining together to make a card for him! With lots of pictures and just some hand prints! I think we're going the route many moms take, but hey, I know he loves this stuff just as much as I do! Last Christmas we sent out a lot of Christmas Cards...and sadly I still have a few more to send that really bad? I feel so out of sync with life right now as I am at home so much more, but still am really catching up with life!

We used Shutterfly—and they are really reasonably priced, and great quality. With easy to use features, I think you'll love them! They have so much to offer! hehe...I am thinking about a mug this year for our new daddy...what do you think?  I am thinking yes!  I have not been let down from shutterfly, and I do not think I ever will be.  So...yups, I'll be doing some designing on Shutterfly---with maybe a little baby picture, a little bit of a heart and "daddy" :)

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