Thursday, February 17, 2011

Funny Things with Our Dates

My husband and I do not seem to have great dates. Our first date ever, his 1976 Austin Mini, started having electrical issues 5 minutes after he picked me up from my apartment. We pulled over, and he started pulling out his tools in the middle of winter--I was cold in my cute outfit. But I was in love with how he can "fix things".  But it seems that we had a lot of trouble with electricity and dates...

See how small our car is?  Not a family car, sadly...we had to put it up
for sale...someone actually bought day we'll get another one :)

Okay...that was about 3 years ago?  I married him :)  
Okay...flash forward to two previous dates...

DATE: Christmas Date 2010
He wanted to take me out on a Movie Date this last December.  A much needed getaway for a while.  A good friend "mom" of ours decided that she would take care of Sophie for a few hours.  Well, we made it to the movie theatre---through the snow and through the cold air coming down from Alaska to little ole Washington.  We made it through the Previews, and five minutes later the lights when out, it was so gusty, that a tree took down the power lines!  So we went home and enjoyed a night in with Sophie.   
DATE: VALENTINES 2011.  Well, we had yet another chance for a Movie Date.  We got another good friend to volunteer to watch our little girl, and as we were getting ready to leave, oh yes.  You better believe it, the power went out!  It was another nice windy and cold night in the dark.  I loved it though.  Quite honestly, dinner with my good friend, my husband, and Sophie---and my favorite dish, Spaghetti with candle lights!  I loved it!  I just do not think we should go out anymore, people need to have their electricity.  It even hailed and rained!