Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Word-Filled Wednesdays: Carnal vs. Spirit

So lately, I have been going through an Audible book, Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer.
She has been sharing a lot of verses concerning what our mind dwells on.  Our minds dictate what our actions will be.  If I spend all day thinking about the wrong negative things....and believing lies about who I am, then I will be negative and act in the way I believe myself to be.  I find that the more I think a certain negative way, the more I ACT a certain way.  So, today, I just wanted to share with you that you if you are dwelling in the Spirit by meditating on the Word of God, and thinking positively--you will be positive in your actions.  If I spend all day thinking about how I am always at home, how I am tired, we do not have this or that, my husband always is at work---what do you think my day will be like?  Very depressing and negative!  Not to mention I do not get anything done if I spend my day thinking these depressing and very very negative thoughts.

I guess "What is my mind feeding on?"
I need to do a health check on what I am "feeding" my mind!
Love you all and I hope that you guys are provoked and encouraged to have the mind of Christ and to seek after the things of the Spirit.  It is life and peace!

I did want to say if you guys wanted the same Audible Book, Battlefield of the Mind. offers a free month trial of their books.  You get to choose 2 books for free from the start off.  I did that, and got Battlefield of the Mind and an Audio Bible. works with so it is safe, and I have tried it for about 3 months now.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I loved Battlefield of the Mind, it was challenging, but certainly helped shape my prayer life! What a sweet baby you have. Blessings!

  2. Honestly I think the "spirit" looks much more appetizing!

  3. love this reminder! stay in the Word and your thoughts and actions will reflect His love!