Tuesday, June 21, 2011

At Last Naturals Review and Giveaway

How I got into At Last Naturals

The Words:  “You are just not the same….”  caught my attention after giving birth to our first daughter Sophie.  “I am not the same?  What do you mean?”  I felt humbled and felt myself just drop inside.   “I love you, honey, but your attitude and just something about you is not the same.  I don’t know….”  He said these words with all the tenderness and love that he could muster.  Looking into my eyes, I could see that he meant no harm in it plus the tone in his voice mirrored the concern he had.   I felt the anger swelling in me leave, and inside I just felt deflated.  I knew he was right.  I did not feel right.  These last few months have been awful, we had been fighting almost endlessly about who knows what.  The littlest things did set me off.  I constantly felt overwhelmed.  I knew I was struggling with taking care of Sophie, but I did not think I needed help.   “I know, I haven’t been the same, Andy, sorry.”  

This conversation we had made me realize I did need help.  I did a bit of research and was able to contact At Last Naturals to see if their herbal blends of Wild Yam, Red Clovers, and other herbals mixes would be something that would aid my body in getting into balance.  

You're hot and cold, up and down and you can’t find your libido. Sounds like the lyrics to a really bad country song but unfortunately these feelings are very real to the millions of women who are experiencing symptoms of PMS, perimenopause and/or menopause.

Finally, there is a product that offers you a natural solution to help you get back to feeling like yourself. Introducing At Last Naturals, a line of all, natural products for women – developed by a woman (!) – who are experiencing the bothersome symptoms of menopause, perimenopause or PMS. At Last Naturals, available in topical creams, gels and herbal supplements, was primarily developed to help women embrace all the changes in their life, and restore their body to optimum balance. So, whether you’re 20 or 40 or 50 or any where in between, At Last Naturals can help you keep your body and spirit in balance through each of life’s transitions.  --At Last Naturals

 Now, I know I was not taking this for Menopause or PMS, but the idea behind the product lends itself to restoration of balance within a woman.  I badly needed restoration and balance!  Looking up the ingredients, I thought I would give it a shot.  Breastfeeding at the time, I was not able to immediately use it because of the herbal contents.  There has not been a lot of research done about the effects of taking herbal supplements, and it is just strongly suggested to wait till one is done breastfeeding.   
After Sophie was off of breastfeeding and moved to forumula, I began using the products.  I have to say, that at first I did not really notice anything.   After continuing to use it, I have to say I felt a lot better and I have say physically I felt that using these products have taken edge off.  “edge” was taken off.  The one I liked the most was the Meno Herbs with Red Clover and their Paraben Free Wild Yam Cream with Vitamin E.  

My Experience At Last Naturals

Meno-Herbs with Red Clover & Meno- Herbs 2. 

My body physically had more energy, and I felt more relaxed to do things that I needed to do.  When I told my husband how I felt, he reminded me that I needed to make sure that it was the Herbs doing its thing and not my mind playing tricks on me!  So after a month of using this, I have to say I have not had any adverse effects using it.  I did miss a couple of days here and there.  But I did notice a difference when I did take it and when I did not use it.  I felt more “life” come back to me and felt a bit more balanced.    The one that I felt put my body at rest more was the Meno- Herbs.  I liked this one better I think, in comparison to the Meno Herbs 2.    

At Last Naturals Vaginal Gel with Vitamin E.  

Okay, so I was not at sure at first.  But yes, it is hard to get back into ‘life’ after giving birth.  Things are not the same down there!  I know that things did not work the same in terms of lubrication.  So this was something that was great to have for anyone in their post partum part of healing.  I had found this was a great product to have that is water based, and had some moisturizing elements to it that I very much appreciated.  

Now, I am still a young mom, and do not know much about life as an older woman, but this At Last Naturals Vaginal Gel, has some herbs that can help restore natural lubrication, as well as Vitamin E for “soothing relief” from vaginal dryness.  

Paraben Free Creams for Menopause, Perimenopause & PMS Support:

I really actually liked using these creams.  The one I used the most was the Wild Yam Cream with Vitamin E.  I did not think I needed the Extra Strength.  I think the regular was perfect for where I am at as a post partum mom.  Yet the runner up to ones  I really liked was the Equigest Natural Progesterone Balancing Cream.  I liked that this one, included Vitamin A, E and pure aloe vera.  I used this one frequently on my belly.  This one helps out during the times when progesterone levels are really low.  Causing the mood swings.  So this is the one I also used a lot.  So to sum it all up:  They offer Regular Wild Yam Cream with Vitamin E, Extra Strength Yam Gel, and Natural Progesterone Balancing Cream with Vitamin E. 

Instead of taking 2 tablets it was nice to just apply a little bit of these creams to a soft part of my body.  I generally did this when I was in a rush or in a hurry.  I did at times use these Creams simultaneously (which is okay to do) when I took the tablets.  I know that I did feel that the tablets were more effective much more quickly than the creams.   But that is just the way I perceive it.  Others might think differently or have different rates at which their bodies absorb the creams.  I am just recording my personal experiences!  

My periods have gone easier though.  I do not know if I can attribute it to using these creams totally or to using it in accordance with the tablets, but my menstrual cycles have balanced out while I was in use of this product for the month.  I know my husband does on occasion say "Are you going to have your period soon?"  So I cannot say it gets rid of everything!  But I do believe that this is something that has helped.  You might want to look into what At Last Naturals can offer you.  Give it a try if you have hard cases of hot flashes or PMS problems.

My Conclusion:
I have to say that my husband and I have been talking more and there is less fighting.  I know that through the months of using At Last Naturals Products, I have experienced a better transition in life after birth and dealing with life now as a mother with menstrual cycle!  I am very much thankful for a way to balance out my hormones herbally and naturally.  I have felt that this has helped me get my balance back.  :) 

I know that these products can aid, but it is always good to have a healthy I lifestyle.  Use these products to help get you into a good place, but do not neglect the positive effects of a healthy lifestyle!  Excercise, eating healthy, and getting out and about with friends and family with At Last Naturals helping me along the way is a good way to feel balanced again! 

Giveaway: One reader will receive one set of At Last Naturals Products $120 value!  This is very very generous, and am excited about this opportunity!

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Their product line includes the following (for more detailed descriptions  click here):
·        At Last Naturals Wild Yam Cream
·        At Last Naturals Wild Yam Extra Strength Gel 
·        At Last Naturals Vaginal Gel
·        At Last Naturals Wild Yam Meno-Herbs®
·        At Last Naturals Meno-Herbs2® (with Protykin®)
·        At Last Naturals Equigest® Progesterone Cream

 At Last Naturals products are available online at www.atlastnaturals.com, as well as at fine natural food stores nationwide.

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Disclaimer:  Now, I am no doctor or have any medical training so please do not take what I say as  any kind of professional recommendation or anything.  I am writing from my own experience.  I wrote this review from my experience, and are my own opinions.  The product was provided to me in order to facilitate this review and giveaway.  I was not paid to write this review. Please research herbal medicines some are more prone to being allergic to certain herbs.  I do not have allergies at all (or any that I know of) so please consult your doctor/physician before taking anything.  Thanks!