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Staying Safe with Sunscreen and Skin Care: Part 2 Episencial Review and Giveaway

Episencial Skin Care: Review and Giveaway

 With the sun beginning to come out more often, we are definitely enjoying Sophie’s first summer with lots of walks by the beach, picnics and other various activities.  For all the days we have been out in the sunshine, she did not get any sunburns.  Episencial Sunny Sunscreen had her covered!  Also as a testimony, On one of our longest time frames in the hot sun, Episencial Sunny Sunscreen provided all the protection she needed.  We came home after that 3 hour party and the verdict?  No Sunburns!  And the cool fact is that  Episencial Sunny Sunscreen is listed in the Environmental Working Group's List of Best, Safest and Top-rated Sunscreens of 2011!  That is 3 thumbs up!

About Episencial:
Our products are designed to support the skin’s role in the body’s immune system to promote health and wellness as well as beauty. –Episencial

I came across Episencial Skin Care.  What first drew me to their products was the fact that these products were specifically made and formulated with a young delicate baby skin in mind. This always catches my eyes and ears if it is formulated for babies, and I wanted to know “why”. Well, I learned that Episencial products incorporate natural, organic ingredients that work with the body in developing the immunity properties of the skin. While nuturing and protecting the baby’s skin it supports the skin’s growth processes and allows it to do what it needs to do naturally without any chemical hazards or hindrances. Another way to think of it is that it protects and nourishes the baby’s skin without the smothering! Secondly, Episencial is gentle and great for use from birth. Thirdly, I like these aspects of theirs “free from the bad stuff like additives, parabens, and petroleum…phthalate and BpA free manufactured with solar power, proudly made in the USA.”

The difference between Episencial among other natural and organic lines is their unique approach to skin care.  If there was anything I learned from Episencial, it is the fact that Skin and Immunity goes hand in hand.  With Healthy Skin one can be sure that that person will have a pretty healthy immune system.  Episencial products provide the platform with which a baby can have the best skin care through bathing, nourishing, and protecting. 

Fun in the Sun with Episencial Skin Care:

We have taken our Episencial Sunny Sunscreen everywhere we go these past few weeks to protect Sophia's skin from UVA and UVB rays. The texture of the sunscreen felt very much like lotion and not oily.  I loved that it did not make a mess when I squeezed it out because of its lotion-like consistency.  This quality of Sunny Sunscreen made it easy to apply to Sophia.  I felt safe lathering it on her without the fear of it dribbling down onto her eyes or anything.  

I felt good knowing that I was truly making the right choice for my baby. I have to say that I really am pleased at the way the sunscreen is infused with antioxidants to "prevent sun induced free radical damage" as well as nourishing organic oils such as avocado and safflower to hydrate the skin.  While protecting baby's skin from the sun, I am so grateful to know that it is also actively promoting the overall immunity of my child's skin. 

Also, for added protection for her face, I put some Episencial Protective Face Balm on her face, cheeks, and lips. The heat and the wind I thought would blister her face a bit, so I added this for extra protection. Her cheeks were not dried out either from all my experiences.

 We live right next to the harbor where we the breeze still has a bite to it. So, this Protective Face Balm gave her cheeks and face a bit more protection. I love it, because it keeps her cheeks protected and it does not become all rosy with the appearance of crackled and shiny. And it also has an SPF of 6 which I find perfect since the face is the most part of her body exposed to the sun! 

 During winter time I had wished someone would have introduced me to this Protective Face Balm from Episencial! When we did have walks outside in the cold, her cheeks would get dry and a bit red. This would have come in handy! So now that I know, we are ready for winter as well!

Lastly, I would like to introduce you to Episencial Soothing Cream.  This Soothing Cream could not have come at a better time-- warmer weather, bug bites and diaper rashes.  Just to name a few of the ingredients here: Jojoba Oil, Organic Safflower, natural lipids, calendula, green tea--all of which work together to restore, heal, protect, and hydrate your baby's skin.  

She has two little dots that I suspect are bug bites on her legs that are just red and itchy looking. I dabbed a tiny bit of Soothing Cream to calm her bites. The next morning, I checked out the bug bites, and the redness went away, and all I could see were the two bumps. I tried taking a picture, but she just would not keep still enough, sorry.

Now for Rashes. At 8 months now, she has been “scratching” at her diaper. This Soothing cream definitely has helped out with the redness, and I have seen the difference in her rashes getting better. Also...I have used it myself just to try it out on my psoriasis! It did calm down my itchy flares that is associated with psoriasis.The natural oils and extracts incorporated in the Soothing Cream I think works wonders with my easily irritated psoriasis.  Love it.

I want to give my daughter the best chance at developing healthy immunity through healthy skin. I felt that Episencial Skin Care is a great way to go. For her to have skin is important to me because both my husband and I suffer from eczema.  The fact that these products can be used right from birth is a testimony to how above par this skin care line really is.  

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