Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lower Body Sculpt: Revolt Fitness

Today I did the Week 4 Lower Body Sculpt.  This is my second week joining Revolt with Nichole Huntsman.  I am doing level 1 exercises,  and I have to say that I can see how I am very weak when it comes to the lower body!

I warmed up with Jumping Jacks, Knee to Elbow raises, Slow big movement with my arms going in a circle and picking up my legs.

My Challenges in this Level 1 Lower Body Sculpt will be the following:

  • Holding the Plank for 30 Seconds
  • Leaning back (for reals) with the Lean Backs
  • Hip Raises

I really had to fight to keep myself from dropping to my knees with the Plank.  My daughter started coming over, and I wanted to quit!  So my challenge is not to give up on myself and simply fall to my knees because I don't want the pain.

Leaning Back on the Lean Backs.  This is a weird exercise I have never done before.  You are on your knees and toes leaning back and coming back up.  Yes my Lower Body needs to be strengthened, as I hardly want to lean back to get the real exercise.

Nichole goes really slowly with the Hip Raises.  She is very strong and controlled when she is doing these Hip Raises!  I feel my body want to swing my legs up and down which is not truly working those muscles I need to be working.

These are my challenges when it comes to down to doing it again and toning and strengthening my Lower Body.

Again this is my motivation for my mind to think positively and to keep moving forward.  

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