Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 2 of Revolt Fitness!

With family visiting, I just could not find the time to exercise for most of last week.  Ugh, I hate excuses, but now that they are gone...I have none!  So off to my workout I go.  I have been eating well inspite of being on the go constantly.  I did choose to eat healthy grilled meats and fishes along with a bowl full of vegetables.  Opting out for ranch I choose oil and vinaigrette dressings.  I feel good about my decisions and on cheat day...I did get a slice of pizza.  And I didn't blame my daughter for not wanting to eat another egg salad sandwich all this week too!

Getting up and out of the Cloud of Negativity:
Getting up to exercise takes a lot.  Especially when it seems the world or people are against you.  The looks the stares---the downers of not fitting into a dress you so badly wish you could wear, all that negativity can freeze up a person.  I know I have allowed negativity stop me from being who I need to be.  I know that feeling of shame can stop a person into hiding under the blankets.  I know this because I have been there.  It is not a "beautiful" place to be.  

I am crawling out from under the blankets again, and I hope that for those who feel like they can't will feel like they can after reading this post.  I am not much of an athletic person.  I love reading, writing,  But I remember when at my best physical shape I was a runner.  Not the fastest or best runner in the world, but one that never gave up a race.  I always finished it and did my best to give my all.  Never walking always running even if it seemed that walking would be easier.  

But the key thing is: Don't Give Up!  
Don't you give up on yourself and think that you can't.  You are not alone.  Starting out on between levels 1 and 2 with Nichole's program is a bit hard!  I have to say sore sore sore!  But I feel great after sweating through it all.  I do find myself wanting to quit, but her music keeps me going, and checking in with the other ladies keeps me wanting to see the changes in my body.

5 more weeks to go in this Fitness challenge:
I am joining a group of women of all levels, weight ranges, stages of life...and we are all joining up to take on healthy habits by exercising eating right with Revolt Fitness--a 6 week program!  With this program there is a facebook support page where all of us women are being accountable to eachother.  Sharing our experiences, laughing, struggling, and just encouraging each other to keep on keeping on.

Nichole creator of Revolt Now Fitness includes in her program a 6 week diet program along with a 6 week exercise program.  I find it really encouraging to have meal plans and an idea of what to eat and shop for.  It is all listed out to help me on my way to a better fit body.

All in all I am starting at ground zero after losing all the weight a couple of months ago.  Not happy with gaining a lot more this time around, but a better tomorrow starts now!

For more information check out Revolt Fitness and Nichole here:

 Disclosure: I am a Revolt Fitness Blogger.  Given access to the full 6 week program to try out in exchange that I might write about my experience with the program.  #RevoltNowFit