Thursday, May 2, 2013

Revolt Fitness Video--20-30 Minutes of Exercise!

This week was the start of a "Revolt" uprising with many bloggers!  Together we are deciding to do some exercising, eat right and healthy, drink water, and get fit.  Revolt is a 6-week workout program that is intense and almost overwhelming for me from the start.  Nichole has made this a great work for all stages and levels.  She  has Levels 1,2, and 3 exercises so that anyone can start no matter what level they are.  I am starting on Level 1 and as I progress I cannot wait to challenge myself and progress the difficulty of each exercise.  

What I love about Revolt is that everything is charted out for me every single day.  Every day I know what type of exercise I am doing.  There is no chance to get bored with an exercise with every day focusing something different.

So here it goes for today!
Today with Revolt is it time for Monday/Thursday/Saturday Cardio Training Circuit.
The sun is out and about and my family is here and awake.  Am I going to work out today?  My Answer is Just Do It.  Not really what my mind wants, but I am gritting my teeth today and in all my glory, DOING IT!

The upbeat music is just right to get me motivated to workout and get my body moving. 
Today I warmed up doing 50 Jumping Jacks.  Which was great for getting my blood pumping and my heart beating. 

This is what I am up against for today with Nichole Huntsman and her Revolt Workout Video:
(Thankfully with each exercise Nichole demonstrates each exercise before hand)
  • Seal Jacks
  • Planks with Leg Lifts
  • Goblets
  • Superman
  • Climb the Rope
  • Prisoner Narrow Squat
  • Hi Los W Dumbbell

Doing this Giant Circuit 3 times, resting 2 minutes after each circuit and
Doing each 12 reps. 
Following up with a Cool-Down and Stretch time.

For more information check out Revolt Fitness and Nichole here:

 Disclosure: I am a Revolt Fitness Blogger.  Given access to the full 6 week program to try out in exchange that I might write about my experience with the program.  #RevoltNowFit