Monday, May 20, 2013

Revolt Fitness: June Uprising

 So I just wanted to tell you that this program is going going and going!  It has been encouraging working out with ladies from all across the globe, all across the US---because Revolt Fitness is a series of video workouts.  If you have a computer and internet handy, one can access these videos anywhere anytime.

There will be a June Revolt Uprising starting soon!  I cannot believe that it has almost been a month for me since starting my own Revolt.  Though I have failed and missed out on a couple of exercises, I love that each new week is in fact a new week!  I can be encouraged by the other women in this program to help me up and out of my cloud of defeat.  The facebook private site for Revolt Bloggers has been one of the keys to my success.  I am encouraged, challenged, and most importantly---not alone in my Revolt Uprising.  I love the tips I get from the community, and I feel like it gives me a positive outlook on exercise.

I feel like my body is growing stronger little by little, and I am excited as I am slowly fitting my jeans and t-shirts in the way that I like them!  I love being able to feel comfortable in my own clothes and body again.

I also have been feeling like I have been emotionally more stable, physically more capable, and that I have more energy to play with my daughter. 

One of the biggest inspirations I have is my daughter.  I want to look forward into the future be able to keep up with her, and be there along her side.  I want health for her life not only  mine!  In this Revolt Uprising for myself I realize that my eating habits and lifestyle affect us as a family.  I want to be that example to her, and be able to set exercise as a part of her life.   Oh and..hehe Ignore the Krispy Kremes!

 Well, that is where I am at in this Revolt!  I have lost 4-5lbs.  In the process of forming better eating habits.  Gaining muscle and losing fat!  I have lost almost 2% in Body Fat since joining up for the May Uprising.

With that said, I would like to invite YOU to join up for the June Revolt Uprising starting up soon!  Don't despair if you feel you are way to far to won't regret it.  

If you are looking to make a change this month, Revolt is definitely for you! Right now you can sign up for $10 a month, $27 for three months OR $50 Annual Membership!