Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Revolt Fitness Update: Plan for Success

Memorial Week is coming and we get a free couple of days right?
We are heading out to go camping and hit the beach!  I am super excited about this weekend.  But I know that the first things that come to my mind is that I'm going to through off my whole eating great and exercising out the window... and opt in for hot dogs and burgers and chips and salsa and junk food!

Well...I got permission to get a free day with the Revolt Fitness Program!  Yay!  Nichole says we can get a nice easy day!  Besides, I think it keeps us from binging and gaining more weight because of what we "can't" eat.  Homemade Pizza is what I usually crave.


One way to keep things in check during this Memorial Weekend is to prepare.  One way I am preparing is by making good food that is healthy and readily available for me!  Otherwise I will move to the salty snacks and sweet snacks loaded with sugar!  Snacking on Fruit...is better right? 

Packing Meat.  I love chicken so instead of throwing in a package of hot dogs, I've prepared a marination of Chicken to barbeque on the grill.  

Another thing I am doing for this Memorial Weekend is packing healthier alternatives.  ConfessionI love my chips, and I know someone is going to show up with their bag of Doritos or Cheezits, so I am combating that urge to grab a handful of Cheesy goodness by bringing my own healthier chips!  I was kind of excited because these are 23 chips per seving.  And it's about 120 calories!  Not bad at all and it is better than the other chips I know I'll get into if I don't have a battle plan!

I would like to invite YOU to join up for the June Revolt Uprising starting up soon!  Don't despair if you feel you are way to far to change...you won't regret it.  

If you are looking to make a change this month, Revolt is definitely for you! Right now you can sign up for $10 a month, $27 for three months OR $50 Annual Membership!