Monday, July 2, 2012

Interactive Children DVD Program: Snapatoonies

What I liked about the Product:
1. Help my daughter Identify colors by Big Bold Words
2. Promoted Interaction through Question Response strategy
3. Colorful fun Animations
4. Simple and Straightforward
5. A Nice Wide Range of Colors linked to objects pertaining that color.
6. Introduced Shapes, Colors, Animals and Plants
7. Magical Color Caller is ideal for ages 6 months to 5 years old--a nice wide range!

Short Simple and Sweet.
What better way to teach a child colors and shapes than by Snapatoonies Magial Color Caller DVD!  I really appreciated how simple this dvd really is.  It is interactive and something I do not have to watch for hours upon end.  Knowing that the program takes a short 30 minutes is good for me.  I can spend a short amount of time talking to her about colors and shapes a couple of times a week. 

Unlike Regular Children Television shows.
It is refreshing having something that is not on our normal television program.  The pace of the show is not rushed.  It feels like an nice steady walking pace in which kids can take time to soak up the information without “rushing” through to the next big action part!  Sometimes I feel like regular children’s shows focus too much on BIG and the ACTION parts.  They tend to throw concepts at kids, and expect them to pick it up quick.  With Magical Color Caller I do not feel like they are going TOO slow and not TOO fast!  I feel they are slow enough for the kids to take it all in without being painstakingly slow.

Interacting and Having Fun:

My daughter enjoyed pointing to the different shapes, colors, animals and plants that are depicted in this dvd program.  She is just shy 2 years old, and I have found that calling out the colors or shapes is not only fun but a great way for her to practice speaking and responding.  For me as a mom, I sure do not mind helping my child learn by calling out answers too.  I know that I may seem pretty childish calling out colors and shape names with her, but sometimes being childlike helps her.  The little children on the train prove to be interesting to her as well.  They kind of encourage her to keep interacting and responding throughout the program.

Snapatoonies: Magial Color Caller Incorporates Words spelled out, Pictures, Color, and Shape—what more can I ask for? 

Well, for one thing.  When spelling out a color, they use letters colored in that color!  Then sometimes they come out with a shape in that color or an animal or plant featuring that color.  Which is all quite clever at reinforcing the color concept.  I hardly see enough words shown on the screen for children’s television lately that utilize all of these to describe what is on the screen.  So I appreciate that words are shown throughout the whole program and how they keep it big and bold on the screen.  Lastly, I love that it was a program that was developed with positivity! They frequently say things such as “You are so Clever!”.

For more information on Snapatoonies please visit their main site, Apart from my video feel free to watch some Snapatoonies Previews

Disclosure: I received a DVD for the purpose of this review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions and words here are my own.