Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Farm Rich Mozzarella Sticks {Review and Giveaway}

Fresh Mozzarella Sticks from Home!
 Do not overspend at a restaurant by caving into something you can prepare right at home and for a decent price.  Every time we venture into a restaurant, I know that one of the things I desire so ardently is an appetizer of Mozzarella sticks.  Now thanks to Farm Rich, I can save money and enjoy more by picking up a bag of Farm Rich breaded Cheese Sticks!  We picked up a bag in our local Albertsons store, and it was quite easy to prepare in a short amount of time.

Farm Rich Breaded Cheese Sticks--100% Mozzarella
Thanks to Farm Rich, I was able to grab a Family Pack of these delectable cheese sticks!  This bag was more than enough to feed us about 3-4 times!  They made great snacks for us and were complimentary to our lunches and dinners.  They baked up quite easily and fast.  They also did not take long to be devoured!  I have to say that if I ever get a craving for Mozzarella Sticks...I will not hesitate to pick up a Pack of Farm Rich Breaded Cheese Sticks!

Great Tasting Snacks:
My daughter loves eating these!  They made a quick snack to make.  All I did was heat up the oven popped a couple of cheese sticks in there, and got ready for our little trip to the play ground.  I have to say I would recommend a little toaster oven if you got one.  After cooling off I simply bagged them, and we were on our way for a little play date!  I actually ate most of what we packed.  These were so scrumptious and tasted so much better than restaurant mozzarella sticks!  When family and friends come over to have a movie night or watch a game...these will be in our party mix of snacks!  These have definitely kept us happy.  For me...I love that it has 0grams tran-fat!

Farm Rich not only has these yummy breaded Cheese Sticks.  They also have other products that you want to sink your teeth in!  Check out what suits you!  I cannot wait to see when my grocery stores carry more of what Farm Rich has to offer.

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