Monday, November 19, 2012

Doing Virtuous Business Book Review

I was rather excited to read this book as I had started dabbling in a little bit of business as a Mary Kay Consultant.  As I jumped into this book, I had expected a book that would help grow a business and have Biblical truth in governing the affairs of my business.  It was a bit of a tiresome book to read, and at most, I got a few basic principles out of it.  I was however surprised at how the author utilized a number of different religions.   It seems for Malloch, author of Doing Virtuous Business, being a Christian is a rather vague term.    He uses a variety of religious and non religious people and examples to prove or to explain a point.  I would have rather have Biblical facts and values and then examples, but the way he came up with his points was somewhat sporadic and based on what people have done or said.  

However from a non biblical point of view, sure I'd say that this book was alright.  It had great ideas on having a business that strives for being great and good and not just merely money hungry.  
Ultimately It was just not my cup of tea.  I felt like it was really hard to read, and really felt like I could have read the Bible and get more out of the bible in dealing with my business than by reading this book.

Disclosure: I received a free review copy of this book from Booksneeze in order to share my honest opinions.