Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Teddy Needs a Bath Review! :)


Ever search for "How to clean stuffed animals"?   The main answers I got were varied, but what came out as most frequently is the idea of putting it in a pillow case to wash.  As a mom I really think of the word,easy.  The idea of gathering an assortment of pillow cases and tying them close had just too many steps...I am a bit lazy!  Our pillowcases would not hold many stuffed animals anyways.  So the box of stuffed animals stayed put away.

An Easy Solution:  Try Teddy Needs a Bath!  I was contacted to do a test and review it!  I found my easy solution to cleaning stuffed animals!  

About Teddy Needs a Bath
Teddy Needs a Bath is a huge 100% Eco-Friendly Cotton made bag with a nice big "chunky" zip close at the top.  I find that it can easily accommodate a lot of her toys.  No lint on our stuffed animals from the bag! :)  Kept any lint from the stuffed animals away from other clothes, and keeps animals a bit more safer during the spin cycle. It is a LARGE BAG--20X30''  Made and invented by a Mom!  Find out more information here: http://teddyneedsabath.com/

I love this huge bag called "Teddy Needs a Bath" .  I can fit so many of Sophia's friends in it when they need to take a spin in the laundry and dry.  Here's a picture of some of her stuffed animals that are needing a bath greatly!

My Thoughts on Teddy Needs a Bath.
This bag was great as I can wash other like colored clothes in the laundry at the same time.  I thought it was a great way to wash her stuffed animals.  I personally had a lot of stuffed animals that were second hand used from friends and family members.  Though the toys were not in any bad condition, I just did not know how to safely wash and dry these toys!  If I washed them, I can picture some of the small teddy bear arms and parts getting stuck somewhere in the machinery in the tumble dry of the dryer.  So I ended up boxing them up until Teddy Needs a Bath came along to the rescue!

Our teddy really needs a bath!
With this bag keeping all the stuffed animals together, I could know that I would not lose any of her toy friends due to getting stuck in the dryer somewhere or even lost as many socks get mysteriously lost when it hits the laundry.  You are sure not to mysteriously lose anything in the washer with this bag.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Convenient and easy to use.   With this Teddy Needs a Bath I found that it was convenient for us. It had its place in the laundry room, and it was easy to unzip and stuff with stuffed animals.  It was also big enough to put a lot of toys in!  Yay!  So the results????  Well, we put Sophia's friends in the bag, and voila....CLEAN!

Out from the Washing Machine
Out from the Dryer :)

The importance of washing your stuffed animals.  
It is very important to wash your stuffed animals.  I never really thought much about dust mites much.  I simply thought about the look of her toys visually you know?  I never related cleaning her stuffed animals to the concept of health.  Of course preloved toys I would clean!  But with a baby it is good to regularly clean toys :)  Especially toys that are already pre-loved--though on the outside it may look clean, you do not see mold, pollen, dust mites, etc.  Please clean!  Not regularly cleaning the toys your baby plays with can affect the health of your child.

Thanks so much for reading!  I would love to hear your input on how you clean toys at home!  Stuffed or not stuffed. I am currently looking for a solution for cleaning teething toys for the church nursery and at home! I would love to hear what you do! :)  Any tips are so greatly appreciated from me, a young and loving knowlege momma!