Thursday, May 5, 2011

ShaToBu Review: The Work Out You Wear

Nice smooth belly! No rolls~ :)

My thoughts on the High Waist to knee:
I enjoyed using this ShaToBu Shapewear for basic everyday shaping needs especially for my postpartum body.  The ShaToBu’s High Waist gave me the support I needed in my belly and back areas.   This Shapewear achieved in slimming down my sides and belly rolls that are so troublesome!  I like the Waist Band.  It did keep the ShaToBu from rolling down, I did find however that there were some instances that it would roll down a bit.  It did not roll badly though, so no worries I will not be deterred from using the ShaToBu.  

  I also was surprised at the comfort I had wearing it.  I felt the shapewear but was happy that it did not feel uncomfortable on.  Not only was it comfortable, but it was very lightweight, so it fit comfortably underneath my clothing—even while wearing jeans and form fitting clothing.  I was concerned about the ShaToBu trapping the heat, and making me sweat.  Well, the results after wearing it for two weeks?  Nope!  It works great, the “Coolmax” cotton gusset definitely wicked away any moisture and helped keep things feeling comfortably dry.   The sizing was true—I followed their guidelines, and found that it worked great.
Also, The ShaToBu fit smoothly against me that it did not show through underneath my clothing.  It was smooth like a second skin.

During my walk around our neighborhood, I felt that wearing the ShaToBu kept me mindful of keeping my core tight and pushing myself “just one more block” knowing that I had a shapewear that was going to help me burn about 12% more calories!  Whenever I climbed the flight of stairs wearing my Shapewear, I was glad to feel that little bit of resistance. 

I found that I would challenge myself to do things like lunge around the house just because I had the mindset of "12% more calories are burning!!!" 

Ultimately, The ShaToBu Shapewear has been one of my favorite everyday Shapewear.
  It is more of a light to medium shapewear—its firm in all the right areas, but I can have the freedom I need to do excercises and regular routine stuff!  It is somewhat of a delicate fabric though.  I just had to make sure that I took extra care in putting it on so I would not tear or damage it.  Do not get me wrong it is a great shapewear and it is durable, but especially if you are just trying it out for the first time just be mindful of sharp objects like fingernails or sharp rings when slipping it on. (especially for the first time--a tight fabric can tear more easily than something you've worn over and over again!).  After wearing my ShaToBu for about 2-3 weeks I felt more comfortable about not tearing it in anyway and it slips on nicely.  :) 

I recommend the ShaToBu as an easy everyday work out for your body and IS EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE  It helped shape my legs and waist which are target areas I wanted shaped, as well as get “working out!”.  I have felt that I had lost a couple inches while using this product combined with great eating habits and getting outside for some excercise!  My jeans have felt a bit loose on me!  You will like their other styles too! J

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I received this product to facilitate this review by my sponsor, and I was not compensated in any other way to write this review.  My review is written by me and is my true opinion of the product.