Monday, May 9, 2011

BeloBe Baby Review

I am so excited to introduce you to Jacyln from BeloBe Baby!  Her business, BeloBe Baby, is something that she started from her home in the Big Island, Hawaii!  I hope everyone will visit her shop and say Aloha to her! 

Zoology Lagoon Security Blankie!
One of the things I first fell in love with was the Security Blankets that she made.  Jacyln sent us one to review!  The Oh-so Plush and Soft minky fabric makes such a a wonderful little tug a long blanket!  This one in particular is just a nice deep shade of turquoise! We are loving the color combination of this Blue Lagoon Security blanket with fun green polka dots! I know that this design has caught Sophie's eye because of the dots and the colorfulness of the blanket.  There are some great security blanket combinations here is some of them:  

 A great feature is that a soft stuffed animal is attached to it! There is a variety of animals you can choose from!  You might have a hard time choosing which animal for your blankie design.  You can pick out a blanket design and she can sew whatever animal you want to match up with it.

  In our case we have an adorable elephant.  This is such a neat feature because a child can clutch the stuffed animal, and keep his blankie near! :)  All in all it is a great idea and fun to have! I know that right now she uses it mostly as a chew toy....but I think this is something that will stay with us for a while. 

Getting ready for some good eating :)
....She's eating her Bib...

What I really liked about this Bib from BeloBe Baby is that it has really good absorbency and texture to it.  I found that I've been preferring this Bib to my other bibs that I have.  In truth I like it because of its soft towel like texture.  A really sweet feature of BeloBe Bibs is the "Catch Pocket" design.  It defintely has saved many pants from falling food.

Hmm...I have a matching Burpie cloth to go with this Bib....but I think it is in the laundry from our last usage! :)  the Burpie is also made from 100% Cotton. Again, very absorbent and big enough for Sophie to burp up on.  I did get a little bit of a shrinkage though after the first wash.  We just got a new I suspect that it was just a bit too high--so just letting you guys know!  I imagine if one line dries the Burpie--it will not shrink.  The Bib did not shrink only the Burpie cloth.  

  What you'll find is many tropical fabric designs that are truly reminiscent of Hawai'i!
Sun Surf & Aloha Bib and Burpie Set

Lastly, she so generously sent us a Stroller Liner to review!

I absolutely am liking the styling stroller we have now. Say goodbye to drab black and grey! One thing that I did enjoy with her Stroller Liner was the ability to have two designs. I had two to choose from just by flipping the liner over.  Included were some shoulder strap wraps.  Sophie liked them....but found it just a bit too much for her in a stroller.  We did enjoy using them with my Beco Baby Carrier though.  I was so happy at the versatility of these nifty shoulder strap wraps.  I used them with my Baby Carrier and it worked great as a sucking/drooling liner.  It also protected her from rubbing against the straps and kept the straps from being everywhere.  

Check out some of her Hawaiian styled Stroller Liners!  

I love the difference it makes and how it adds just some extra ease to cleaning.  Instead of dealing with cleaning the actual stroller fabric, I can just toss this in the washing machine!  Plus it is made to accomodate most 5 point harness strollers.  I used it on my red sport stroller for the most part and it fits easily. I just got this stroller (pictured above) and it slipped in easy too.  Not hard at all to take off or put on.  This is one of the things that is important to me--can I transfer it easily? and with this Liner it is a pretty simple matter. 

I found that her workmanship in her sewing and creating are very skillful.  I am very happy with the quality in her items. 

You can check out more information of all that you've seen here by using this link to her shop!  BeloBe Baby
She has nursing covers and "naptime bedding" that is super cute!

Find BeloBe Baby on Facebook as well for some great information on sales new items, updates, possibly giveaways and much more! ;)

You will find that all her neat items are made with 100% Aloha.  

Disclosure: I received products to facilitate this review by the sponsor, and I was not compensated in any other way to write this review.  My review is written by me and is my true opinion of the product. My views and my thoughts.