Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Green Bumkin Kitchen Wetbag Review

Have you ever heard of a Kitchen Wetbag? 
I am just enjoying this fun and practical new addition in my kitchen!  A Kitchen Wetbag is a great way to keep any towels, dishcloths, and sponges--even if wet and gross.  The PUL layer keeps all the moisture in.  It has a zipper type closure to keep all stinks and smells inside the bag.  And the Outer Fabric adds a color splash to your kitchen as well as a bit of fun!  With two straps this wetbag is able to easily find a place in the kitchen, your oven handle. This Kitchen Wet Bag is skillfully handmade from a Work at Home Mama, Amy who started her business the Green Bumkin. 

What I like about my Kitchen Wetbag:  
My Custom Kitchen Wetbag, "Fruits"
Quality and Excellence.

I am also just very happy about the quality of craftsmanship that goes into the work Amy does.  Everything is very evenly sewed and from my standpoint better than what you can buy from a store!  She does take pride in every order she does, and takes time to put everything together so you will not be discomfited or disappointed by her work. 

The Two Straps!
The two straps feature enable my Kitchen bag to hang level from my oven handle.  I do not have to worry about finding a place to put it or have it hanging awkwardly.  It has its perfect place in the kitchen! 

Amy does custom orders.
Something else that I am loving about this unique Kitchen bag is that I was able to create my own unique wetbag!  I had the freedom to choose the Outer Fabric, the color PUL inside, the Snaps, and the color zipper!  I absolutely love that I got to take part in deciding what color elements to add to my kitchen.  She has so many prints to choose from that I know you will have a hard time deciding upon only one!  Check out her Green Bumkin fan page on Facebook and in the photos section she has photos of all the fabric choices she has!  (As well as a facebook fan discount!)
The fabric she chooses as well as all the hardware like the snaps she puts on are quality parts.
My Green Bumkin Wetbag has a "heavy duty" feel to it, and the PUL has not failed to keep in the stench and moisture from the kitchen towels I put in there. I can really put a lot of towels in here which is great!

Practical and Everyday Usage.
A Kitchen WetBag is something that I am using everyday.  This is something that will be utilized frequently.  Unlike some other things I have bought for my kitchen--this is something that I know that nobody would regret making.  I can foresee that I will be using this for years to come--and it far more durable than a plastic container in which I was putting it in.

I can fit a ton of my kitchen towels and cloth napkins in here!
Conclusion:Overall I am tremendously happy to make purchases from her in the future--I am ordering a Medium Wetbag from her here soon....I just got to figure out which print to get! :)  For the quality you receive and the unique product you get I believe it is worth getting from her. 

You can Check out Green Bumkin for yourself through the following links!
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She makes snack bags, cloth wipes, crayon rolls, toy straps and of course wetbags!!!

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