Wednesday, January 19, 2011

blog hop wednesdays

What I have been doing lately,is looking for second hand baby toys, and cloth diapers. Has anyone ever watched "American Pickers"? My husband and I really love watching what they find! It gets my juices going, and I always ask "honey, do you want to go shopping for garage sales???" He always responds with "how many times do I have to tell you?! It's too cold!! and not really the season for it!" hehe well, I don't know Craigslist has some garage sales going on--or at least it's listed...but anyways.

It seems that I have become "a cloth diaperer/ baby toy" picker! There are some baby toys--like excersaucers, jumperoos, and bumbo chairs that are hardly used! Not to mention half the cost of purchasing a new one. Well, I finally got my husband to say yes to a garage sale I found to happen this saturday! I'm having my fingers crossed for some second hand cloth diapers and some excersaucers, bumbo chairs or even a high chair! :) I already scored some second hand diapers from a friend of mine--tons of REALLY loved prefolds! :) And I bought some really neat cloth diapers called "BAYBEE" from canada! I really love these diapers, but I think that they are not around now...hmmm..

Let me know for any cloth diapers you would suggest! :)