Saturday, January 15, 2011

Having a Green Day today...with SKOY CLOTHS

It seems the more I get into blogging and cloth diapering, I am learning about new products that are so inspiring and just plain cool!

I know around our table, we have always been reaching out for paper towels, napkins, and the like. Now that we are cloth diapering little by little--we have become more aware of disposable things that we can replace with some sort of cloth. When we have friends over, things always are a bit weird when they ask and look for paper towels or napkins. I usually apologize and tell them we do not use paper napkins--and I hand over one of our mismatched cloths! They laugh and say hey we do the same thing! Sometimes its just awkward seeing them wipe their hands and mouth with a cloth I remember using for other purposes or that I used a day ago (after washing and laundering them well of course!).

Alright, so while I was blog hopping this is a unique company I have found that I would love to try! SKOY cloths is something truly wonderful. They have a wonderful multi-use cloth. This can be used around the dinner table, for washing dishes (something that I like about its versatility), and one thing I really am loving about this SKOY cloth is that it LOOKS like a paper napkin. It has those textured squares just like our napkins that are disposable. Its familiar-looking to me as well as green. I know you would love this!

Check out their web page at
Also for your chance at winning this wonderful, reusable, and versatile SKOY cloth,