Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Green Blog Hop!

Today just wanted to share with you ways we as a family are being greener!

Save energy to save money.
We have started to use Fluorescent bulbs and Energy Saving bulbs whenever our
regular incandescent bulbs burn out. This has been wonderful for us--not only does it save on our next power bill, but we are finding it is SO much brighter. My husband has found that we really need half as many bulbs to light up the hallway and our kitchen--so another plus.
I have started to lower down the temperature of our heater. We have been bad as of late, and now we are dutifully adjusting our knobs just a bit lower at night and bundling up baby and ourselves up just a bit more.
 Another way that we have been staying a bit more greener is by waiting for a full load of laundry before washing and drying.

I know that we have a responsibility to be wise with our resources and not wasteful.  I think it is a good concept to live by.  Just being mindful and appreciative of what we have and not buying new things all the time is something we are learning.  Being content with using up products till it cannot be used anymore is a good way to create less waste in our landfills.

It is funny, I have never really tried to be "green" or anything.  I just have always tried to be frugal and wise with what God has given us.  I think also just knowing that we are having a hard winter with no work for my husband (he works with a Landscaping business) because of the winter weather, we as a family have been more "conscious" of what we do.  We just automatically live greener and it is a neat way of thinking.  Cloth diapering and washing dishes with cold water has become something more of a way to spread our dollar.  Living greener is a plus.

If you want to learn more about living greener---more frugal check out this website.  It is neat how things that I already do at home are things that people are listing as ways to live green!