Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wondershare Video Editor Review

Review Post
I was provided a license, courtesy of Wondershare, to utilize the program in order to facilitate this review and give my honest opinions and thoughts of the program.    


I am not too familiar with editing videos, so from my perspective I am a newbie and really green horn when it comes to video editing.  I have done maybe two in my lifetime.  I did not like video editing, and therefore just have not developed any true skills.  

So from that standpoint, I am using Wondershare Video Editor.  From the beginning of installing the software onto my computer, five out of five for being easy to install.  Not too hard.  No complications.
Downloading videos taken from my camera to the Wondershare Video Editor was also quite easy.  It also did not seem to take too long before I could start creating and editing.  I have to say I loved the fact that I could import some music clips and mp3 files that I had already in my computer to become background music.  Thumbs up for that!  

As I went to edit and create, I found that Wondershare utilized a "drag and drop" kind of feature.  I loved it.  It seemed that the tools in Wondershare worked in a way I sort of thought they ought to work.  Quite user friendly and something someone with little experience can pick up and learn by tinkering around with it.  

Here is a Screen Shot of what one can expect:

Here is a short video clip I made for one of my family members using the Wondershare Video Editor for her birthday:

Uploading and Compatibility:  After creating this little video, I absolutely was thankful for the options given to me for uploading and saving my video.  I was given the options of uploading to facebook, youtube, iphone, and mp4 among other options.  For a file as big as the video I created above, it took my computer a long time to upload to facebook only to fail.  Thankfully I was able to quickly upload the video on Youtube as well as email the video to my mom.  She received the video, and promptly posted the video on facebook. 
I felt that it safely blankets all options so that the created project will be compatible no matter what!  Very nice feature Wondershare offers.  

Short and not full list of my Favorite Editing Features:
Transition has got to be one of the nicest features.  Basically from one picture or video to the next scene, transition helps create a smooth and easy "transition" from one scene to the other.  It gives a bit of a professional feel by smoothing out any roughness I think!  
  • Text: I love how easy it is to incorporate text into the videos!  The Text has the ability to be animated and appear in a very fun way.  This is a very fun and practical feature to have.  
  • Media:  The fact that media can cover mp3 files is something I am really liking in this program.  It is nice that the media files I import are all in one place.  Easy to locate and easy to add into the video by clicking, drag and drop.  
  • The Preview Screen:  Adjacent to the Media Screen on the right is the Preview Screen.  I have utilized this thing more often, and love that all I need to do is drag a bar to replay, rewind, and see parts of my video easily.  
I know that I have only tapped the surface for this product.  There is so much to be learned with this product.  From cutting clips and utilizing the program as I would powerpoint, Wondershare has much to offer its consumer.  For those green horns and novice when it comes to video editing, I would highly recommend this product.  I think this product will be utilized when creating videos for family and friends in our home.   I also feel as a blogger this program can be quite nice and handy to have.  Quite nice indeed!

Be sure to visit: http://www.wondershare.com/video-editor/ for a Free Trial as well as a video on all its features!  Supported OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac
I thoroughly loved this product and have Wondershare to thank for this program.  Many thanks, and yes I do highly recommend this program for your video editing needs!

According to FTC here is my Disclosure: Wondershare provided me with the program in order to write up a review. I utilized the program and gave my own thoughts and opinions of the program. The opinions I shared about using these materials are my own, and the company did not tell me what to say or how to say it.