Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Aidance Skincare Review and Giveaway
 *I received complimentary products for review from the company. I am not required to write positive reviews. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255.*

My Background:

For a couple of years now, I have been struggling with some kind of dermatological problem similiar to eczema and psoriasis--lichen planus.  This past year has been the first time, I had my skin condition diagnosed.  They gave me something that worked for a few weeks.  Needless to say, they prescribed me something that burned and hurt initially, and was potent and addictive.  But yes, the pain did go away as well as the itchiness.

 The only down part was after a week or so in using the ointment/medication given to me, I noticed that the instruction said not to apply in certain areas.  Now about 85% of the areas I have problem with are those areas which the label says not to apply.  In calling them back, the doctor simply said, yes, do not apply the medication to the areas...just treat the other 15% with the medication.  I was floored.  I spent a lot of money on a medication that I could not even use to treat on my problematic areas.

This led me to do some research on my own for some natural products I could use to aid my skin in repair and restoration to healthy skin.  And I found myself reaching out to Aidance Skincare for help on my journey for healthy skin!

The Product: Terrasil Itch Rash and Pain Relief

1.  Safe for Children and Adults.  The ingredients contained within Aidance Skincare are natural* ingredients.  As I talked with Kate, one of the employees of Aidance Skincare, I posed this question of whether this product was safe for kids.  This was one of my concerns as I had a lot of medicated anti-itching lotions and ointments that were just not safe for use on children.  As far as this product is concerned, Terrasil Itch, Rash, and Pain Relief was recommended for diaper rashes and scrapes!  Safe for kids to use too!

2.  What appealed to me was that each ingredient is listed clearly and its job and fuction described.  SOOTHING NATURAL MOISTURIZERS PENETRATE DEEPLY, PROVIDING MULTIPLE BENEFITS TO IRRITATED SKIN
Jojoba Oil is one of the world's most nutrient-rich and long-lasting moisturizers. The unique consistency of jojoba oil allows Terrasil to penetrate deeply into skin in order to quickly deliver much-needed relief to every layer of skin. It also has documented ability to repair cracked skin.
Eucalyptus Oil has beneficial properties that help protect irritated skin, and help relieve surface discomfort and swelling.
Peppermint Oil has been used for centuries to naturally soothe skin soreness and itch.
Beeswax contains Vitamin A, which is known to condition skin and support cell reconstruction.

3.  Did the product work for me?
When I started using this product:  September 2013  About a month now, I have been using this product.  I started using Terrasil Itch, Rash, and Pain Relief shortly after a big flare up.  The pain was so bad, I had trouble sleeping at night.  I would wake up in pain because of night scratching.  It was a nightmare for about a week.  My stress level was the highest it had ever been.  I tried, coconut oil, shea butter, and another anti-itch lotion.  The pain was still there, but did not seem to get better.  I did not dare try using the medication and ointment my dermatologist gave me--for it stung and smarted so sharp on a good day!  Showers were my short reprieve from the  pain.  The day I received my Aidance Skincare package, my mind thought "please, let this work on the PAIN!"  Itching was secondary on my list.

Can I say my first impression of Terrasil was simply the word, SOOTHE.

There was no pain while applied to my the problematic areas.  Just a thin layer did the trick.  I did not follow instruction to put a band aid, as the band aid did not stick.  My clothing kept picking off the band aids, so I did find that I had to apply the Terrasil product a few times a day.  I do note, that if one were able to put a band aid, I can imagine that he would get better results than me without a band aid.

The itching was more than bearable, I had relief.  Relief that gave my skin a chance to recover and stop bleeding! I did not have the constant urge to scratch.  I found that the product helped me to gain control again of my skin.

Visually I can see the difference.  My skin is losing its darkened color as a result of itching and the scaling.  Though not 100% healthy, I have hope and feel confident that by using this product to fight the itch, I can get back to feeling great in my skin again.  And maybe be happy and not self conscious about wearing tank tops again!

I still have a ways to go, but I am excited at the results of using the product for a short time.

When I found this site, I was reading the reviews and testimonials on their website.  I found them to be honest sounding testimonials and as far as customer service answering my questions, superb and down to earth.  The experience as far as being a potential customer was really good, and I felt confident as a buyer.  The cost of the product made me realize that I needed to know that the company I was going to buy from needed to be open and honest and available for questions if I had any.  I know that many may walk away maybe because of the cost of the product.  Hear me out.  Since I have found out about Aidance Skincare, I have seen many really good promotional sales offering different products as far as 50% off or Buy one Get one.  One can score a really great deal for a product that I find has worked for me.  Lastly, Aidance Skincare offers a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee Policy.  One can score a really great deal with the assurance of money back guarantee if he is not satisfied with the product.

Thanks to Aidance Skincare, I am able to offer up a giveaway of their product:  Terrasil Skin Repair and Terrasil Itch Rash, and Pain Relief to one of my readers.  Giveaway will end November 10th, 2013.  I will pick a winner and send them these two products!  Open to the US only.

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Natural*-----Aidance products meet the guidelines of the Natural Products Association Standard for Personal Care Products, which requires that for a product to be deemed “natural” it must be made with at least 95% natural ingredients. Our unique blend (99.5%) of organic, vitamin-rich moisturizers, minerals and plant extracts provide soothing relief while regenerating damaged skin. Lidocaine (.5%) serves as a topical anesthetic.
We encourage you to visit our page of scientific studies to learn about the efficacy of our ingredients and their ability to support the natural healing process.