Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shelf Reliance

A Truly Unique Company--in my mind!

I have never seen anything like Shelf Reliance.  I have to tell you all about this website.  They are all about helping families prepare for emergency disasters.  From waterproof matches which such a steal at under a $1.00, to a Cansolidator Pantry---which helps stores up to 40 cans on a shelf.  They offer foods which come from all of the seven different food groups--all that can be kept in storage ready for an emergency.  It's amazing, what they do check it out for yourself and though it's pricey, you must keep in mind that it will last your months and I believe they offer payment plans.
Also right now they have up to 30% off on their Food Rotation Systems.  5% of the money goes to help others in need. 

Ah. I cannot forget to mention about their Emergency Kits and Supplies.  Everyone can use an emergency kit!  They have a nice assortment of kits and supplies--great for camping and road trips right?  Their prices are reasonable overall.  I recommend checking out this website: