Saturday, December 18, 2010

giveaway at my baby's green

THREE lucky winners will receive a grab bag of 5 AIO cloth diapers

There are many cloth diapers (pockets, or all-in-ones, etc) that are designed to keep your baby's bottom dry. They are easy to wash, easy to use, and cute too.  You can even resell them which is something you can't do that with disposables! The upfront cost of cloth diapers can be a big chunk of money, but in the long run you save. Especially if you use AIO cloth diapers like these that grow with your child! 

Although the outer shell of this product is made from polyester/PUL materials, instead of all organic construction, the benefits of having a long lasting, reusable diaper outweighed the importance of the the outer fabrics that were used.  We believe that a long lasting reusable has the potential of keeping a great deal of disposables out of landfills over the life time of the diaper and parents happy at the same time.

On December 18, you can save 50% off EVERYTHING including cloth diapers.  Only a couple manufacturers will not let me offer their products that low so they will be temporarily disabled. Discount code will be displayed on MBG FB page and at the top right of this blog page. IF MBG FB page reaches 3000 by Dec 29, I will post another code for the same deal that can be used on Dec 30!